B^)576.Apocalypse Watch Live Now!
Birth/Transformation 2012 will happen regardless of what you do or not do. So I say why not. Things can certainly get worse. Things can certainly get better. Why not be a part of the "get better" crowd...
2012-12-20 09:53:211,618
B^)577.Apocalypse Transformed
Transform it Forward...
2012-12-20 09:48:581,516
B^O578.Apocalypse Weather Forecast
It's gonna be searing - as in our goose is cooked and well done
2012-12-20 09:45:061,140
B^O579.Apocalypse Watch
No. Seriously - Some things to watch before the end of the world. Damn - I'm gonna miss this. We are such creative, funny, inventive, magnificent creatures...
2012-12-20 08:53:361,058
5||580.Birthing a New Era
On December 22, 2012 at
2012-12-08 13:39:491,029
Yes. Yes. Yes.
2012-12-04 15:33:38926
[:]^[]582.Free Energy Discovery
Open sourcing this technology and putting in the hands of the masses, finally!!!
2012-12-01 09:06:402,073
5||583.Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - What price Freedom?
Why do we allow this travesty to continue? Do we just not care? Do we not fully comprehend this horror? Those that deceive and manipulate for the $$$ are very sick indeed....
2012-11-26 12:38:271,073
5||584.The Path to the Truth is Very Convoluted
Get your coffee/tea and just listen and ponder....
2012-11-26 12:26:54972
B^|585.Let' Dance
Someone has watched a lot of movies with dancing and created a great montage. Yikes I know most of the movies...
2012-11-26 11:46:261,382
B^|586.There is something to be said for practicing your craft
Even the photographer/videographer(s) had to practice to capture these images and then put it together timed to the music. Skills are skills.
2012-11-15 12:00:551,291
B^J587.Driving in Russia
It is both funny and tragic. Sometimes it is good to require driver training and laws. Some appear to comprehend neither.
2012-11-15 11:45:051,499
5||588.Shadow Operations - The Mars Project
If you never ever watch another show or read another item, YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO. Many of these revelations I was aware of - I am totally blown away that this was allowed to be broadcast. Kudos to TRU TV, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan for finally telling us what is truely going on that has been hidden for decades...
2012-11-11 11:29:441,062
B^J589.Johnny Carson Spoof on Truth Telling Politicians
Yes, back in 1982 telling the truth was also an issue....
2012-11-06 11:34:141,877
5||590.64 Year Old Grandpa, Needs Your Help to Take Back America!
Lawless America now in production. This Grandpa wants a 1 Million person march on Washington D.C., Jan 9 and 10, 2012 to get us back to our Constitutional foundation and rights.
2012-11-05 11:07:321,166
B^O591.A Message we Believe Rosanne Barr Would Support
For you Boomers: Remember Leslie Gore's song: "Don't Tell Me What To Do..." Well this is very appropriate, now considering Romney wants to have the Supreme Court overturn Roe V Wade.
2012-11-05 10:59:271,448
B^)592.What will this inspire you to do to help others?
What Secret do you have that could make a difference and enhance in someone's life?
2012-10-01 14:11:191,653
5||593.World Peace is the Anti-Virus to the False Flag Syndrome
False Flag Syndrome in first video. The beginnings of world peace in the 2nd Video. Did Ahmadinejad just provide the anti-virus to the addiction to the False Flag Syndrome? Well played. Well played.
2012-09-29 20:36:071,203
5||594.The Reason our Government keeps making up an Enemy
Shame. Shame. Shame.
2012-09-29 20:27:351,072
B^|595.I am fed up with war mongering politics
We need a Peace Ambassador. Imagine the advancements in reducing needless human suffering that would bring! Now for some fun: Wrong Direction "Disclosure" These guys are hot, funny and even good singers. Enjoy
2012-09-29 11:12:161,469
B^O596.Washington state’s first ‘zombie ____’ reported
The Zombie Apocalypse will start with....
2012-09-25 12:42:591,313
B^O597.Lien Against the US Federal Reserve
The Court Document that was filed. Much to learn here.
2012-09-25 12:33:221,471
B^Q598.Keshe vs the US President
We provide the info, you are now informed. Fear of progress that helps all of humanity is....
2012-09-25 11:58:361,542
B^/599.Copyright Math
Your $8-Billion I-Pod
2012-09-25 11:08:141,582
B^Q600.Keshe Foundation Launches
Is this the answer that Hope Girl (first video) anticipates as part of the solution?
2012-09-23 14:20:191,835
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