B^/826.Stephen Colbert Provides a Brilliant take on the NDAA
And Obama's strategy for re-election.
2012-01-20 16:30:44607
B^\827.America Scammed by Fox News
Showing Greek protests, and claiming it is from Russia. Even CNN showed a sports riot, not related to the Russia events...Is the media showing false footage, to support the USA government's agenda for justifying regime change in other countries?
2012-01-20 15:46:23737
B^J828.Dancing Zebra
Your daily QT. Just try and not smile.
2012-01-20 07:13:34851
[:]^[]829.When you type those security words - you are now helping
to digitize old books...This is brilliant
2012-01-14 15:27:26795
B^/830.The Nostradamus of Politics
Since he is a history aficionado it makes sense that he can put this together and predict the outcome. Why aren't we listening to this and taking measures to prevent these disasters. One thing we learn from history - is that we really never learn from history and choose to refuse to listen to those who do learn from history!
2012-01-14 15:18:29569
B^/831.One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Found this graphic at the beginning of a youtube video. This image really does say it all and I wanted to celebrate this brilliant metaphor depicted in such a thought provoking graphic. There are so many things that this image represents. It is a "whole" statement in one image.
2012-01-14 15:04:091,498
B^/832.War is for "Special Interests" - not "National Security"
If we all could think these points through, to their conclusions - would we take a stand and refuse to participate? We have allowed this nation to become despicable. American scammed again!
2012-01-14 13:43:27470
B^/833.PRINCESS NAKAMURA of Japan has contact and says
2012 will be plunged into 3 days of darkness. Well I want to know what happens to the Sun? She does have some good points. However there is nothing wrong with anyone's Soul.
2012-01-09 04:22:43776
B^|834.The Christmas Cubicle Challenge
If you are good at Christmas Decorations, why not show off your skills at work.
2012-01-09 04:04:08608
B^|835.Synchronized Christmas Lights
It's not what you think
2012-01-09 03:41:23637
B^|836.Fun with Sulfur Hexaflouride
Fun with Sulfur Hexaflouride
2012-01-09 03:39:47693
B^/837.When an Empire expands beyond it's means to support that expansion
Your daily Scam Update America: Which is what America has done - collapse is inevitable. From the perspective of a journalist who has been out of the USA for 20 years. A very sound and thoughtful expose.
2012-01-08 17:58:04513
B^\838.More Proof 9/11 attack was an inside orchestration
Now look what we have - the NDAA, internment camps, illegal search/molestations and harmful x-ray machines at airports, our police being turned from protectors of citizens to protectors of political tyranny. America you have really, really been scammed and you paid for this abuse with your taxes!
2012-01-07 14:58:23755
B^J839.You know about Iron Man right! Now face Iron Cat
OMG! A 2nd Daily QT.
2012-01-07 14:45:411,181
B^|840.Turning 18 - the world's smallest woman
Your daily QT.
2012-01-07 14:36:04883
B^/841.Could this be why the News Channels do not tell you the truth
Who benefits from withholding the truth?
2012-01-05 18:22:32705
B^O842.Arrested for Announcing the NDAA
Guess the sneak passing of NDAA on the eve of 2012, is not going over so well now in 2012
2012-01-05 18:11:42668
B^J843.Grandma's got rhythym
A different kind of daily QT.
2012-01-05 14:55:33798
B^O844.Your Internment Camp is waiting for you
Snuck in after the NDAA was snuck in whilst you were partying on the eve of 2012. Additional supporting data to keep you awake at night.
2012-01-05 14:25:17719
B^/845.Scammed again America...
When are we going to wake up and stop the insanity!
2012-01-05 14:09:27601
B^\846.Formaldahyde, aluminum, insect repellant, mercury in Vaccinations
Why is Bill Gates supporting vaccinations for children? Since when did vaccinations become Bill Gates area of expertise? Dr. says the flue vaccine is a neuro-toxin with 25,000 times - that's right 25,000 times the level of mercury and is NOT vaccinating his children, because it is too big of a risk!!!!
2012-01-05 14:02:14564
B^O847.You must understand the language of law for the NDAA bill
Trojan Horse snuck in on New Year's eve of 2012, while you partied. You cannot read this and use "English" to interpret this NDAA bill. You must use the language that it is written in, and that is the "language of the law." Plus other items you need to know about
2012-01-04 17:01:43611
B^v848.CPR - Hands only
As taught by Vinnie...
2012-01-04 14:41:541,094
B^\849.Utica, NY Police CAUGHT planting a baggie of drugs
Caught on their own cam recording - their suspicious activity. Watch what the police person pulls out of his back pocket, and what he does with it. Hmmm, whose finger prints are going to be on that baggie? I wonder...You hear about such things taking place, and you just don't want to believe that those who are paid to protect us, can do such a despicable thing to another human being. This is very, very sad.
2012-01-03 14:46:56722
B^{}850.UF0"S through Night Vision Goggles
I have seen such things myself with these Night Vision Goggles. There is certainly an abundance of activity going on out there....
2012-01-03 14:28:51867