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B^/376.For those who understand this is a manipulated Matrix
Take some time to consider the implications of manipulating a false narrative. Who benefits, who looses
2023-12-20 17:25:1427
[:]^[]377.Black Rock using AI - "Aladdin" to control $$$
well that's not a surprise, now is it. Watch and learn
2023-12-20 17:08:4518
B^J378.Thought provoking funny meme's
Feel free to laugh in the privacy of your own home. Some are "R" rated, you were warned
2023-12-20 16:46:5322
B^O379.Lew Rockwell says it out loud. We know many are wondering if it will be carried out
We talk amongst ourselves about the possibility of a Trump assassination because Soros is funding rogue lefties. Soros has said his life's work is to destroy the USA
2023-12-20 16:39:3622
(6j#) un-human380.An exhaustive summary of The 300 who have unscrupulous plans for you
When you know what they are up to...
2023-12-20 16:02:3817
B^O381.The Zombie Apocalypse is Here!!!
Neurological changes are leading to personality changes, and they are not good
2023-12-17 18:52:0919
B^|382.Gaslit by your Dr. Do this:
1) bring a buddy with you. 2) Write down what the Dr. tells you. 3)Keep a diary of symptoms over time. 4) Ask the Dr to sit, to be on your level. Also don't talk while in gown, put your clothes on to create equanimity
2023-12-17 17:54:3515
B^J383.Klaus Schwab concerto number 15 - a little Pfizer in the arm
Ha! Ha! Ha! Get out the popcorn
2023-12-17 17:39:2522
B^|384.Culling humanity by cutting power
Head over to to check out episode 15 of the Mug Club exclusive focusing on the globalist agenda to cut off the energy ahead of a mass culling of human civilization
2023-12-17 17:14:089
B^O385.Pandora Jab 2.0, Frankenlipids?
Well geewhiz, sign me right up
2023-12-17 17:08:4320
B^|386.Exit NATO and WHO
Will it happen?
2023-12-17 17:01:3822
B^/387.Heard of the Tartarians? Secret Castle Builders? Fascinating
Ever wonder how those huge Cathedrals and Castles were constructed?
2023-12-17 16:52:4827
B^\388.I"ve been waiting for this to be revealed about pilots
So, so, so sad
2023-12-17 16:37:5126
B^Q389.Bacterial cleaning up radio active waste
What else can these bacteria clean up?
2023-12-17 16:34:2916
B^v390.Unnatural USA Death Rates...Hmm
Unnatural increase in heart Inflammation, blood clots and neurological disorders. Hmmm, what could be the cause?
2023-12-17 16:29:2613
B^O391.We are in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse
And you thought it was just a hacked road sign
2023-12-17 16:22:1219
B^O392.Death Rate Spike from What?
The BBC lied and admitted...
2023-12-17 16:07:5924
B^\393.What is in your EPI pen?
I always wondered shy the EPI worked so fast?
2023-12-17 16:01:3825
B^v394.A therapy you likely don't know about NASA has used in the space program
Extended Black Friday first time offer by the Home Office, through Jan 20, 2024. So take advantage of this offer and tell your friends
2023-12-14 23:10:5128
B^Q395.NASA wonders if there is life on Mars. We found around 50 life forms 10 years ago!
NASA wonders if there is life on Mars. 10 years ago we figured that one out. Andrew Basiago taught me how to see what was going on from those Mars images at least 10 years ago. You just need to know how to see. It's like those steriograms you stare at and the image suddenly pops!
2018-11-12 15:15:522,653
B^O396.Why Australia? Why Now?
Put on your sunglasses and put in your earplugs for this one. This is who the basket of deplorables really are. Hey Juan W. you keep yammering that Pizzagate is fake. Oh. Yea. No wait what do you say when you are mocking, " Oh I see." Well now what do you have to say? Truely, truely horrific that thisis goes on and on and nothing is done about it! Until now maybe. An apology is not sufficient. What are you going to do to stop it?
2018-10-23 15:01:532,559
(#j#)397.Your Super Power Awaits!
Mark Levin understands who the psychopaths are! “What we’ve learned about the media, several of the hosts and guests, is we have a lot of psychopaths out there, that’s for sure,” Levin said. You can get your "super power" today! You can learn to obtain this "super power." It's not just for Super Hero's.
2018-07-20 23:03:342,406
(6j#) un-human398.Heaven and Hell - It's a journey
Heaven and Hell - It's a journey
2018-07-09 22:25:2815
B^J399.An Oldie but Goodie from Ray Stevens
Your daily QT
2018-06-29 13:56:322,680
B^O400.Hungary approves ‘Stop Soros’ law criminalizing aid to illegal migrants
"The law also grants the authorities permission to deny asylum claims to migrants who arrive from a country other than their own. “We want to use the bills to stop Hungary from becoming a country of immigrants,” said Interior Minister Sandor Pinter."
2018-06-25 19:01:102,361