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B^v376.A very different perspective on High Blood Pressure
The numbers are a myth?
2023-12-23 21:57:3126
B^v377.Post Jab Symptoms, Uh Oh!
" the vaxxed have an array of autoimmune and other conditions the unvaxxed don't"
2023-12-23 21:44:5825
B^v378.Dr. Mike Yeadon, is on the right track, substitute psychopath for evil
"There’s no rational motive. They do not “need” to do this. In place of motive, I believe we’re seeing the work of evil forces through the coordinated acts of those at or representing others at global fora, especially UN, WHO, WEF, BIS, etc."
2023-12-23 21:38:4748
B^{}379.Have you heard of the "Tartarians"
Well its something to consider< "The falsification of history goes far beyond what has now been discovered by Tartarian architectural analysis. Hard facts show that human history has been thoroughly falsified."
2023-12-23 21:33:3833
B^/380.The Color of Law is not "The Law"
They basically took over our country like a parasite invading a host organism, and not a shot was fired, because only those engaged in this treason and fraud knew what was going on. And they were operating under Color of Law
2023-12-23 21:27:0150
(#j#)381.Off to the Gulag for the J6'ers
The Psychopathic Crime Syndicate paid for by us, with our tax Dollar$!
2023-12-23 21:19:1473
B^)382.My All Time Favorite Synchronized Christmas Lights to "Wizards in Winter"
If you ever have a chance to go to a "Trans Siberian Orchestra" concert go. It is incredible
2023-12-22 22:51:1836
B^Q383.If you don't know abut the water crystal technology, time to learn
its quite amazing
2023-12-22 22:38:1830
B^v384.What's in your Applesauce?
Cinnamon used in the Applesauce, contain high levels of lead, poisoning people
2023-12-22 22:31:3926
(#j#)385.It's beginning to Look a lot like Democide
Canada is in denial as are other governments. Is anyone surprised? No, not really
2023-12-22 22:28:1475
B^/386.Twas the night before America Fell
Twas the Night before America Fell by John Scotto
2023-12-22 22:20:1037
[:]^[]387.Clip from nine years ago regarding lasers being used too...
watch and learm
2023-12-21 19:29:0131
B^|388.Unleash Eco-Friendliness, Engine Efficiency, Improved Power with a small tablet
Green Fuel Tabs will do for vehicles and the environment what Microsoft did for coomputing. This little tablet increases mileage by 10% to 20% +++ When the fuel is used at the microscopc level combustion temp burn is reduced from 600c degrees to 200c degrees, which is less engine wear, alllows for better engine performance with increased power. Now here is the best of all, reduced C02 emissions for better air quality for all living things. All with just a tablet. If reducing fuel costs because you can get up to 20%++ more mileage from your fuel is not an issue for you, then do it for the environment. It's a simple and inexpensive way to do your part to help improve air quality.
2023-12-21 19:10:22634
B^D389.A nurse exposes the psychopathic "homicide" crime syndicate agenda
Learn the way of the psychopathic crime syndicate. Get this free book that explains how the psychopaths and their crime syndicate operates.
2023-12-21 17:51:4376
B^v390.A Slient Depression is gripping the minds and hearts of those who know it seems hopeless to stop the USA government lefties from lying
That's because they are in full psychopathic crime syndicate mode. Get this free book that explains how the psychopaths and their crime syndicate operates.
2023-12-21 17:44:5635
B^v391.The Robot Zombie Apocalypse is Here!!!
As you are learning the elite have a plan and they have no off button, and Soros and his ilk are funding this psychopathic crime syndicates.
2023-12-21 17:33:5736
B^/392.Graham Hancock reveals human remains 128,000 yrs ago
Found in America!
2023-12-21 17:27:5234
(#j#)393.Learn how the Psychopaths Unite against the Divine
Their tools are endless because they have no off button
2023-12-21 17:24:3470
(#j#)394.Just one of the tools that the psychopathic crime syndicate uses
Black PAC is just one of their tools. Get this free book that explains how the psychopaths and their crime syndicate operates.
2023-12-21 17:14:3871
(#j#)395.This is how the institutionalized psychopathic system operates
learn how they carry out their agenda. Get this free book that explains how the psychopaths and their crime syndicate operates.
2023-12-20 19:38:1670
(#j#)396.An excellent explanation of how psychopaths and their psychopathic systems operate
Modern society is mostly unaware of the modern psychopathic crime syndicates systems that are in place to destroy modern society. Look at how the elite operate, believing they are superior to the divine
2023-12-20 19:25:4884
B^D397.RFK jr, enlightening us on Bio Weapons and MK Ultra
Will he be safe revealing this?
2023-12-20 18:33:4565
B^|398.A quote from Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", a concise assessment for today
corruption rewarded and honesty sacraficed...
2023-12-20 18:20:4246
B^O399.Do you know what's being done to your children?
Death and destruction jab now part of the vax schedule for your children
2023-12-20 18:12:3837
B^v400.Mercola shows testing of honey is 70% fake
"Honey is the third most FAKED food in the world"
2023-12-20 18:09:3531