{(0)}1.Earth Thunderstorms Used to energize ET ships
Crop Circles are from other dimensions to circumvent the lies told to us by our governments. 2nd Video possible cloaked entity. From Russia...
2014-02-17 15:42:121,536
{(0)}2.Crop Circles - Not - A Different Kind of Language
Presented here just to add information most of us are not familiar with. Not sure about the interpretation, however it is interesting.
2013-09-27 12:46:411,627
{(0)}3.Crop Circles - A Different Perspective
" many helped us progress who were compassionate and the other 1/2 thought we weren't worth the trouble..." Antonia Lau (EPIC = Earth's Plant Icon Chronicles)
2013-09-27 12:06:291,649
{(0)}4.EPIC's Decoded and more you likely do not know
Category Epic: Earth Plant Icon Chronicles. I am not in support of the "God" thing, as a technologically advanced being would appear to be so to non technologically adept societies. Consider: You never, ever saw Star Trek missions promote the God thing - why do we still? Who does that God thing really serve?
2013-07-26 14:47:011,952
{(0)}5.Interesting theory of this EPIC in Italy - Our own Pluto Captured by Nibiru!
EPIC's are summaries in ICON form. Nibiru has been photographed with 7 satellites. This EPIC shows 6 satellites with Nibiru and a 7th one captured, possibly our own Pluto.
2012-09-07 09:50:231,850
{(0)}6.EPIC'S Demonstrate that Fractals are a way to make Changes
Researcher Pane Andov has an interesting perspective on EPIC'S.
2012-09-07 09:28:111,892
{(0)}7.Good Theories on the Crop Images
Sound theories, speculation, experiences. An Orb Convention, an Orb that has complex imagery and more...
2012-08-12 13:02:011,734
{(0)}8.Crop Circles now have a New Image
We are starting a new category here at Divine Dominoes for the Crop Circle phenomena. Mainly because they are more than just circles. They exhibit progressive patterning in some cases. The category "epic" = Earth's Plant Icon Chronicles...Read on...
2012-08-11 15:50:271,572
{(0)}9.The Crop Circle Image Makers Have a Message
You know the Movie - "The Men Who Stare at Goats?" I am the Woman Who Stared at Crop Circle Images and made a discovery and I am sharing those results. Faith Dominoe
2012-08-03 11:38:162,001
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