B^/1.Grasshopper learn the way of the cognitive dissonance
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Morning Joe and those of his ilk reveal that they do not understand this principle. Grasshopper (Kung Fu TV Series) learn the way of the cognitive dissonance.
2018-06-11 13:15:292,502
B^/2.A different take on why Roseanne was fired
A different take on why Roseanne was fired
2018-05-30 12:45:52858
B^/3.Oddities regarding Sandy Hook revisited
Thank you Megan Kelly for re-invigorating a review of the unresolved oddities the still linger unanswered regarding the Sandy Hook event.
2017-06-26 13:59:341,282
B^/4.Who is Orchestrating this? Why?
Some nefarious global swamp creature(s) are working in the dark corners orchestrating this. Who are they? Why are they doing it?
2017-06-26 13:36:261,428
B^/5.Don't Mess With Canada
Canadian Sniper targets ISIS insurgent over 2 miles away...
2017-06-22 15:48:161,105
B^/6.D-List Lifer - Kathy Griffin - What is really going on.
You were already broken. Here is what you don't get. The beheading is a reflection of what you really think about yourself, revealing pain you have not yet conquered. I followed you on the D List, New Years. Sorry your pain has brought you to this current experience. Faith Dominoe
2017-06-07 14:07:001,099
B^/7.And now a word or 2 from Tim Allen of "Last Man Standing"
And now a word or 2 from Tim Allen of "Last Man Standing"
2017-05-06 14:14:051,219
B^/8.High Pitch Ringing Sound Verified and Reproduced
1st Video) That is exactly what that sound like. 2nd Video: I heard up to 12,000. Check out your hearing.
2017-02-26 17:07:051,194
B^/9.The US Constituition is a "thoughtful" docment not a "feeling" docment
Found an interesting message on FB expressing that the Freedoms given us in the US Constitution - "feels" that authority is to be questioned...The US Constituition was written from thought not feelings...Faith Dominoe
2017-02-13 15:27:371,121
B^/10.Steven Segal on Russia
Not what the Fake News is telling you. Listen and learn.
2017-01-30 16:54:091,154
B^/11.Hearing High Pitched Frequencies?
I have. It starts from a distance then feels like it hovers over me for a couple of seconds then moves off into the distance. Was listening to Nigel Farage, then loaded another page from youtube and this video showed up. Hmmm, If you have been experiencing this high pitched frequency, consider this explanation...Faith Dominoe
2017-01-30 16:30:381,544
Ever thought about where a suicide bomber and the victims end up? A Department of Peace has been offered to the US Congress since the mid 1700's as a Bill. Never been passed everytime it is submitted. Why? Perhaps because there is no $$$ in Peace and only $$ to keep the Wars going.
2016-09-08 13:37:541,322
B^/13.There Be Giants...In The USA
Literally and for real and in a Sleeping Beauty state. Found in 2015. Referenced in the 2nd video around 1:10 into the lecture.
2016-08-26 09:36:201,081
B^/14.Which Person are you Aligned with?
"Be All That You Can Be" becomes clear as you choose your life path and you choose to be part of the darkness or part of the light. Notice that choosing the light means you will be challenged by the dark. Are you up to the challenge? Faith Dominoe, #TheEnlightenedPsychopath
2016-06-28 11:53:301,031
B^/15.What do Scott Baio and New Gingrich Have in Common?
They "git" it. What do John Stewart and George Clooney have in Common? They don't "git" it. On a baser level this is a great example of Enlightenment vs the Psychopathic Agenda that strives to be covert. Get ready folks as we are about the help you understand the diverging paths of the Psychopath and the Enlightened. Article is in the process, so check back...Faith Dominoe
2016-05-13 12:48:441,091
B^/16.The Genious of Dan Aykroid Revealed
The video title should be named as above.
2015-06-11 12:30:411,399
B^/17.They Fear we will Awaken and see through the False Matrix
He is controversial, however, much of what he shares could be the case. Keep an open mind...
2015-06-11 11:13:111,262
B^/18.Super Bowl 2015 Half Time Symbolism
Is this what Bill Cooper indicated that "you will be told what "they" are up to before they carry out the plan." It does not matter if you do no believe this information. "They" believe it and are endeavoring to move forward. You will be shocked at the subtle symbolism in the 2nd Video....
2015-06-05 11:58:501,461
B^/19.Possible Signs of USA Currency Manipulation for Martial Law
Possible Signs of USA Currency Manipulation for Martial Law
2015-05-30 14:16:30977
B^/20.Awake in our Matrix
Anyone can wake up from the dream of self exile. Learn where the illusion disguises itself and choose to step out of it or play in it.
2014-11-17 16:51:332,117
B^/21.The False Collective Illusion of Self-Exhile
Your dreams of self-exhile will not withstand the call to wake...
2014-08-16 13:56:021,525
B^/22.Bigfoot like you have never seen before
Bigfoot like you have never seen before...
2014-04-13 13:04:461,472
B^/23.Run! Run! Run!
And don't stop.....
2014-03-27 16:39:021,514
B^/24.Why Dogs Spin before doing most everything
I've been wondering this myself lately.
2014-02-22 12:58:341,258
B^/25.What if all our actions creates unity world wide?
One song many nations. Watching got to me to thinking. What if every person on Earth created something that does no harm and provides world wide harmony? I know this is the core of who we really truly are. It is the politicians, who are invested in keeping us separated. Why? Because they are socioopaths...
2014-01-25 14:56:301,430
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