B^{}76.Reality Winner gets 10 yrs? HRC, Comey, Lynch nothing??
There is something very wrong here.
2017-06-11 15:09:301,048
B^D77.Whoa! Russia has a warrant for the arrest of George Soros
GS is interfering on the international, national and local level. Why?
2017-06-10 14:12:121,096
B^O78.Why there is such a push to oust President Trump
Horror of Horror's
2017-06-10 13:41:521,053
(#j#)79.Contract to Kill Trump payable in BitCoins, revealed by Wikileaks
Contract to Kill Trump payable in BitCoins, revealed by Wikileaks
2017-06-10 13:05:45913
B^D80.An expose' on how the Psychopaths and their systems operates
Mis-direction is their modus operandi for what they are guilty of is far greater than you can comprehend. Put on our tin foil hats and sunglasses....
2017-06-10 12:43:481,098
B^/81.D-List Lifer - Kathy Griffin - What is really going on.
You were already broken. Here is what you don't get. The beheading is a reflection of what you really think about yourself, revealing pain you have not yet conquered. I followed you on the D List, New Years. Sorry your pain has brought you to this current experience. Faith Dominoe
2017-06-07 14:07:001,082
B^|82.Nigel Farage admonishes the media for their bias
Why is there a world wide push against critical thinking?
2017-05-24 14:23:191,460
B^O83.Excellent expose' on the HORROR of horror's
Better put on your sunglasses...
2017-05-22 12:35:441,050
B^/84.And now a word or 2 from Tim Allen of "Last Man Standing"
And now a word or 2 from Tim Allen of "Last Man Standing"
2017-05-06 14:14:051,201
B^{}85.Clinton Foundation + State Dept = HT
"According to minutes of a January 27, 2010, senior State Department staff meeting, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents uncovered “at least a couple pedophiles” attempting to adopt children in Haiti following the earthquake."
2017-05-04 15:09:35845
B^\86.Therapist explains how the children are programmed
to accept abhorrent behavior of the criminally insane. This really solved the mystery of why the Olson Twins manifested such odd behavior.
2017-04-25 14:18:111,169
B^D87.3 minutes of transcript from viedo below
Put your sunglasses on
2017-04-24 15:55:531,019
B^D88.Training to be a Psychopath and it broke him...
I had been wondering if psychopaths can choose enlightenment? Apparently having a conscience and being pushed into events that conflict with your conscience, you can wake up and choose a different path.
2017-04-24 15:25:591,122
B^D89.Ascension Defined
With all this talk about ascending to the 5th Dimension, what is the 5th Dimension? What is Ascension? Is it a process? An instantaneous event? A Cosmic Realization? The answer will likely shock you.
2017-04-24 14:54:251,090
B^O90.You Tube and Google sensoring truth and giving preference to Fake News
Whoa! What?
2017-04-18 12:25:391,400
B^O91.Why have 1500 officials been arrested?
Why have 1500 officials been arrested?
2017-04-17 15:29:431,256
(#j#)92.Born and Bred into Psuchopathy, Conscioulessnes, Abuse
This is a carry over from being taught by Royalty your place and others not Royalty their place.
2017-04-13 14:28:391,000
B^O93.Who is V.I.P.E.R and what are they up to?
Who is V.I.P.E.R and what are they up to?
2017-04-10 15:27:491,373
B^J94.She can ride a tractor , chew tobacco - God and me did that
Your daily QT.
2017-04-08 12:13:141,034
(#j#)95.Pizzagate Exposed on Dr. Phil - Go inside the horror
Update: New info added...This is heinous, sinister and a horrific evil. Not for the weak of heart or mind, yet this is a horrific truth that must be faced. So now that it is finally revealed on Dr. Phil, what about all of the decades previous that this was denied and covered up?
2017-03-28 13:46:251,070
B^O96.If True - then the Political Divide is just a distraction
Take it with you and listen to the whole message, you may gain a new realization of what is actually occurring while attempts to distract you from learning about these events goes on, and on and on.
2017-03-26 13:11:391,622
B^O97.Antartica-Atlantis-John Kerry-David Wilcock Presents Possibilities...
Why did Sec of State John Kerry go to Antartica on election day 11.8.17? What is going on in Antartica? Remember Astronaut Buzz Aldrin had to be evacuated from Antartica. Buzz brazenly displays his shirt "Get your Ass to Mars." What is Buzz implying? Why was the Pope in Antartica and other Country Leaders allowed to view the Discoveries in Antartica?
2017-03-25 13:12:111,298
(#j#)98.The Psychopathic Plan to Eliminate "YOU"
2017-03-20 14:36:45958
If this is true. OMG, OMG
2017-03-17 15:58:171,298
B^O100.OMG! OMG! Demi Moore is disgusting
Better put on your Sunglasses. Also several reports of government officials participating in pedophelia. This is worldwide. What are we gonna do about it?
2017-03-09 20:45:421,359
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