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B^{}1.Dr. Steven Greer. Interviews Boeing Aerospace Engineer
On Aliens here and the secrets kept about them
2024-02-25 03:06:1435
B^{}2.Then Pentagon questioned who "Whitehouse occupants might be" back in 1964!
RoberBigelow who used to own Skinwalker Ranch, said "they walk among us"
2024-02-12 12:10:5918
B^{}3.Virgin Airlines pushes private life exposure to customers
Your private life is after work, not to be promoted in work life. There is your work life. There is your private life. Period, end of story. Your private life is non of my business, nor do I care what takes place in your private life.
2024-01-24 07:12:3426
B^{}4.Strange but true
Well, shut the front door
2024-01-23 09:10:1839
B^{}5.E Jean Carroll is nut job
I saw her on CNN flirting with Anderson Cooper, who is gay. She also said that she believed women dream of being raped! That's her own dream, projected onto women.
2024-01-23 01:31:3221
B^{}6.Robert Dean, "We have never been alone"
Known since the '40's
2024-01-09 19:22:2739
B^{}7."The babies we eat"?
Wait what? "The babies we eat"?
2024-01-08 20:48:3149
B^{}8.Mysterious goings on at Epstein's Island
Why is Megan Kelly is implying Epstein might be heard from this year?
2024-01-08 20:13:5626
B^{}9.Alien Invasion at Florida Mall Update
By Eyewitness. He refers to glitches. Maybe they have a cloaking suit that glitched
2024-01-08 19:46:1730
B^{}10.Alien Invasion? something strange in the neighborhood
Or red flag?
2024-01-06 13:59:1735
B^{}11.The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us
The ability of self control, seems to have been greatly reduced after the jab. People report friends and relatives being mean, abusive, after the jab. Encountered that myself 3 days ago, by someone who has had 7, yes 7 jabs. They cannot be reasoned with. What are we to do?
2024-01-06 13:47:0040
B^{}12.Natural calendar has 13 months
Why was this changed?
2024-01-05 00:58:0928
B^{}13.GMO'd fruits and veggies swim in salt water
2023-12-31 04:09:5956
B^{}14.Looks like a portal to me
2023-12-31 03:31:4238
B^{}15.Why, Who, What do these things even exist? Made them? Is the point?
It's either funny or strange,- I say strange
2023-12-30 17:39:1922
B^{}16.Have you heard of the "Tartarians"
Well its something to consider< "The falsification of history goes far beyond what has now been discovered by Tartarian architectural analysis. Hard facts show that human history has been thoroughly falsified."
2023-12-23 21:33:3824
B^{}17.Clinton Foundation + State Dept = HT
"According to minutes of a January 27, 2010, senior State Department staff meeting, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents uncovered “at least a couple pedophiles” attempting to adopt children in Haiti following the earthquake."
2017-05-04 15:09:35986
B^{}18.Black Knight Satellite in Polar Orbit around Earth
Possibly 13,000 yrs old. Mysteries abound.
2015-05-30 13:07:551,555
B^{}19.Totally Not a Cult
Well then I'm in. How about you?
2013-08-19 13:15:141,826
B^{}20.Motorcycle and Rider Teleported out of way of oncoming Semi-Truck
Watch the fellow as he gets off his motorcycle and sits down. He is in shock and seems oblivious that his life has just been saved by an unusual being.
2013-04-21 14:54:431,604
B^{}21.Who Belives this is Cutting Edge Fashion?
There are no words - there just are not...
2013-03-15 18:55:201,866
B^{}22.Lloyd Pye's Star Child = Has nonhuman DNA
The results are in and main stream science just cannot accept the evidence. No surprise there.
2012-09-22 11:54:461,963
B^{}23.Amazing Sun Anomalie
More news blackout on this phenomena. You will be stunned at what you see.
2012-08-02 00:52:101,806
B^{}24.An Armada of something around the Sun
More news blackout on our Solar System phenomena. Prepare to be amazed...
2012-07-31 03:08:281,825
B^{}25.This has got to be a Clever American Invention
Where can I get this? Right up there with the Holland Cheese Toaster Bag.
2012-06-02 19:23:521,633