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B^|326.Aliens Enyoying the 2012 London Olympic Fireworks
We heard rumors - now it is confirmed. Hey I thought they were supposed to show up on Aug 4? Are they early?
2012-07-31 16:03:201,547
B^O327.Earth has shifted it's Axis by at least 24 degrees
Native peoples (Inuit) in the Northern Artic Regions are having 2 hours of sunlight instead of the usual 1 hour. Is this another news blackout?
2012-07-31 14:32:161,438
B^{}328.An Armada of something around the Sun
More news blackout on our Solar System phenomena. Prepare to be amazed...
2012-07-31 03:08:281,808
B^/329.Crop Image is Olympic Torch for 2012
Some speculate this was about a predicted explosive event at the 2012 London Olympics. We think it is simply a symbolic representation of the Olympic Torch
2012-07-29 18:35:071,395
B^O330.Continuing News Blackout on Nibiru - Surprising New Data
Found some very interesting news on some cryptic message about what may be the warning of Nibiru heading into our Solar System. The new info is that it will be closest to Earth around August 17, 2012. Have to compile the data, hope to have it available in the next couple of days.
2012-07-27 18:30:171,704
B^O331.Colorado Dark Knight Shooting Possibly Staged
There is already conjecture that James Holmes may have been involved in mind-altering neuroscience research and ended up becoming involved at a depth he never anticipated. His actions clearly show a strange detachment from reality, indicating he was not in his right mind. That can only typically be accomplished through drugs, hypnosis or trauma (and sometimes all three).
2012-07-21 16:15:531,403
B^/332.Judge acquits Portland man who stripped naked at TSA checkpoint
Citing a 1985 state appeals court ruling stating that nudity laws don't apply in cases of protest...Hey TSA - Deal with that!
2012-07-19 13:32:272,703
5||333.Federal Lawsuit Against: Vatican, UK Queen and Big Pharma et al
Did you know that the Vatican is invested financially in the pharmaceutical companies as is the UK Queen, and experiments we done on innocent children in Canada for over 100 years? This is outrageous. We really refrain from using divisive language. There is just no other word for such despicable behavior. Diabolically Evil
2012-07-12 13:11:061,188
B^/334.7 Yr Old Poet Gets a Standing Ovation
Your daily Q.T. Even thought it is a QT, it will touch your heart and maybe bring a tear or two to your eye...
2012-07-07 19:31:511,532
B^J335.Just Dance and it will be O.K.
When things go wrong, just dance. We can learn a lot from how these Robots respond to the mishap.
2012-07-07 16:47:381,582
B^Q336.God Particle - Discussion on Facebook missed the point
It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how we treat one another, regardless of belief. What true God has any interest in "proof?" What if there is no God, only creation? Then who are you going to brow beat to support your egoic agenda to be right?
2012-07-07 15:50:512,066
5||337.Soldiers Risking Lives - Become Disabeled - Receive Little Help
This is OUTRAGEOUS - Join this campaign to get the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution passed.
2012-07-07 14:43:491,439
[:]^[]338.Why don't we have this today?
1948 Buick. Stunning.
2012-07-03 18:22:311,579
B^|339.Some say he is the Yo Yo God
Maybe he is the Master of Strings...hmmm
2012-07-03 17:54:531,787
B^/340.The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes
Yup. She nailed it. We are doomed unless we remove the mind virus and upgrade to a new mind that considers life beyond our nose. She's right governments will NOT make the necessary changes. The change must come from the people.
2012-07-03 15:53:591,459
B^O341.Pray for RAIN for Colorado - NOW!!!
As a Coloradan Community, we are going to conduct a s state wide prayer/meditation to ask the Universe to bless us with the proper amount of rain to assist the fire fighters in extinguishing current fires as well as minimizing the fire risk for the balance of the season. We are asking everyone to pray, imagine, feel or just ask from the heart for this blessing. At the same time begin to visualize the perfect rain conditions; enjoying the feel and smell of this wonderful gift. Feel the Coloradan landscape breathe a sigh of relief as the flames begin to subside. Feel the relief of birds and wildlife who are scared and confused...all the while visualizing the fires being extinguished by the rain.
2012-07-03 14:01:421,524
5||342.The People Are Angry - Senator Sanders explains why
Can you believe it - a Senator telling the truth?
2012-07-01 15:33:371,115
5||343.Trans-Atlantic Doomed to Extinction
Did you know that the USA is set to BAIL out EUROPE - This weekend?? England is Bankrupt and only care about saving their self no matter the cost to others!!!
2012-07-01 13:16:151,271
5||344.Operation Green Light 2012 and Forgiveness
We all have a choice. Regardless of what actually occurs - we have a duty to be steadfast, helpful and forgiving.
2012-07-01 12:40:331,062
B^/345.What is Wrong with Americans?
Short term greed over long term rewards. The metaphor is "short sightedness." What can be done to wake us up to consider the long term consequences of our greed? How do we change that short sighted model and get us to shift? I think it must come from the masses for change to occur. Have you noticed the article on Iceland, just 2 items below?
2012-06-29 14:29:211,385
5||346.Guillotine Training at FEMA Camps!
"My daughter has a couple of friends who are no longer active duty, and they were telling her about the Fema camps, and they have guillotine's there and they were training people to use them."
2012-06-28 15:08:541,472
5||347.Global Elites Thrown out of Iceland - The Little Country That Could - DID!!
Iceland dismantles corrupt Government, The Arrests Rothchild Bankers.
2012-06-28 15:03:281,662
B^|348.The League of Steam
Steampunk vs Zombies. Just youtube League of Steam for more adventures
2012-06-24 14:10:401,459
B^|349.Finally - the reason geometry makes no sense, ever!
Why can I understand quantum physics, but not geometry. How can a letter be a number. A letter is a letter and a number is a number. Deal with it. And what the ?*#($ is a zigfinity? A girl explains it all
2012-06-24 13:41:511,469
B^|350.A Road through the Ocean
Norway has some very smart engineers.
2012-06-23 12:43:571,846