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B^O326.Flynn warns about the attempt to create a civil war in the USA
That's why Soros is funding corrupt DA's, riots, etc. Soros has said his lifes dream is to bring down the UsA
2023-12-27 22:15:3824
B^|327.About time a woman's worth is supported by the men who are meant to protect herr
If not for women there would be no nations
2023-12-27 21:59:4517
B^|328.What really happened on J6
Police dressed as Trump supporters...
2023-12-27 21:50:0315
(#j#)329.Biden traitorous Horror show
Biden is a demented psychopath
2023-12-27 21:09:4519
B^J330.From our beloved Kevin Sorbo
The ramifications of a snow Man, snow Woman, snow Trans, snow ...
2023-12-27 21:03:1423
(6j#) un-human331.Put your sunglasses on
R rated excerpt on the smartest man he knows
2023-12-27 20:52:2625
(#j#)332.Proof that others understand psychopaths ruin everything
Psychopaths have no off button, cannot not be psychos. There is no drug or therapy that stops them. 1 to 7 in 100 are psychos. You have likely crossed paths with several unaware. The vampire is a metaphor for psychos. No reflection in mirror = no ability to self challenge. Are chronic liars. These are just a few of their tells
2023-12-27 19:42:1935
[:]^[]333.Rabotino NATO armored vehicle graveyard
Why aren't thse recycled?
2023-12-27 19:06:4121
5||334.Which Rx is right for you?
Rx that allow you to choose murder
2023-12-27 18:53:2722
[:]^[]335.Is your smart phone better or worse than Alexa
Tracking from cradle to geave
2023-12-27 18:45:3714
B^J336.There's a fly in my soup.
Courtesy of Klaus Schwab of the WEF, the fearless shameful leader
2023-12-27 14:13:1227
(#j#)337.When it's explained so susscinctly and clearly, I gotta reference it
For you viewing pleasure. The psychopathic decepticons sources and methods in just one area. These practices are utilized in govt, corporations, politics, medicine. Any enterprise where Domination is the goal.
2023-12-27 14:02:0524
(#j#)338.Do you know who you really are? Do you know who others really are?
It's a horror show, you are in it unaware, orchestrated by the psychopathic decepticons
2023-12-27 13:52:1622
(#j#)339.The psychopathic crime syndicate at its best
Tucker is flummoxed by his visit with Julian Assange. There is a life threatening horror for exposing the psychopathic crime syndicate
2023-12-27 13:25:3020
5||340.Good Gawd. Anyone not in JE's litt.e black book?
2023-12-27 13:18:4821
B^/341.Do you know who you really are? Do you know who others really are?
I rememerber reading this somewhere "We are spiritual beings, having a human experience". Some have made sure we never ever grasp that understanding, by distracting us with all this material world wide conflict. These material distractions are tools of the psychopathic crime syndicate
2023-12-27 13:12:3923
(6j#) un-human342.Gawd, will it ever end? Jab horror
Lots to unpack
2023-12-27 12:57:2064
B^\343.How does a Bank know if you are conservative or not?
22 state coalition to stop banks from removing conservatives!. It's non of the Banks business!
2023-12-24 12:55:1624
B^|344.Moon and Marx Landing Hoax
Can we believe anything out Govt and it's agencies tell us?. Great observations of the incongruencies
2023-12-24 12:45:2514
B^D345.AG of Texas, Ken Paxton taking on Pfizer
About DAMN time. Pfizer and others are part of the global psychopathic crime syndicate
2023-12-24 12:41:4917
B^\346.FDA cover up on Jabs Injury
Who is surprised by this? They are part of the psychopathic crime syndicate
2023-12-24 12:38:1226
B^J347.Mog's Christmas Nightmare
Mog's Christmas Nightmare
2023-12-24 12:34:3027
B^v348.A very different perspective on High Blood Pressure
The numbers are a myth?
2023-12-23 21:57:3115
B^v349.Post Jab Symptoms, Uh Oh!
" the vaxxed have an array of autoimmune and other conditions the unvaxxed don't"
2023-12-23 21:44:5816
B^v350.Dr. Mike Yeadon, is on the right track, substitute psychopath for evil
"There’s no rational motive. They do not “need” to do this. In place of motive, I believe we’re seeing the work of evil forces through the coordinated acts of those at or representing others at global fora, especially UN, WHO, WEF, BIS, etc."
2023-12-23 21:38:4733