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B^D1.Freedom is taken away by one piece of paper at a time
Not necessarily by a gun. He suffered 22 years of torture by refusing to give in to Castro. Wow
2024-05-26 19:03:5293
B^D2.Liar, iiar hair on fire
Zippidity doodah got that right
2024-03-12 07:34:51200
B^D3.Anger is meant to be acted on
Not acted out. Processing anger is part of the journey to self awareness
2024-03-11 08:26:23285
B^D4.Excellent expose on the psychopathic operations of the Democrats
Why, how, who, what
2024-03-03 01:38:3259
B^D5.The false & real self, artificial & organic relationships
"The folly of fools." Are you in a false & artificial relationship with yourself? How would know?
2024-02-27 22:56:5957
B^D6.Excellent expose on the psychopathic consortium operation
Learn how the psychopathic global consortium operates
2024-02-27 21:39:3761
B^D7.What most missed about the aTucker - Putin interview
Did you see through the MSM and talking heads smears and lies?
2024-02-15 00:54:1287
B^D8.Evil never stops
And neither does the good.
2024-02-14 22:05:1683
B^D9.A comprehensive expose' on philanthropaths
They never ever stop. They do not have an off button
2024-02-11 20:47:2462
B^D10.Brilliant expose' on the layering of the sources and methods of how psycjopathic consortiums subvert everything
Get the free book on this website to get your foundation to understand and learn to recognize how psychopaths operate. That book will help you to understand what you likely have no idea is operating world wide. The link to the interview will expand your awareness of the worldwide psychopathic institutional operations
2024-02-09 11:06:4083
B^D11.Excellent point by point expose' of the taking down of the UsA
The Founding Fathers knew this day was likely to come and created the uS Constitution as a counter measure to the psychopathic crime syndicate that has figured out how to pervert Divine Principles of civility
2024-01-19 04:33:4369
B^D12.Thought provoking rumination on Dark and Light
There is no promise that the Dark will prevent the Light from penetrating the Dark
2024-01-17 04:23:1066
B^D13."The Perfidoius Unreality of the New Normal"
This is the article by Kit Knightly explains how the psychopathic crime syndicate operates to convince you your observations are lies
2024-01-12 20:52:2659
B^D14.Profound expose' on how the global psychopathic crime syndicate
Creates Fakery so you doubt your own observed truths
2024-01-12 20:36:0763
B^D15.Signs you are involved with a psychopath
From the NY Times
2024-01-07 02:29:1976
B^D16.An excellent explanation of the narrative absurdities
I have been trying to figure this out myself. It's because psychopaths are "control addicts." Chronic lying is how they do it. Truth eludes them and it will elude you if you cannot discern the narrative absurdities created to disable your ability to think clearly without bias or dogma
2024-01-06 13:13:4877
B^D17.They learned a new word today
2024-01-05 14:35:0574
B^D18.Potential methods utilized to destroy the USA
Awareness of the psychopathic agenda is a form of enlightenment, so that you don't get caught unaware of their methods
2024-01-04 13:13:3665
B^D19.Exposing the scheme to test us, using C19
Creating panic through psycho-terror. It's the psychopathic crime syndicate way.
2023-12-30 15:23:4669
B^D20.Wow! Wow! Wow! An expose' on how the psychopathic crime syndicate operates
Kunstler really really gets it. An expose' on the functioning of the psychopathic crime syndicate that has taken over every good thing, and ruined it
2023-12-29 15:04:4869
B^D21.AG of Texas, Ken Paxton taking on Pfizer
About DAMN time. Pfizer and others are part of the global psychopathic crime syndicate
2023-12-24 12:41:4958
B^D22.A nurse exposes the psychopathic "homicide" crime syndicate agenda
Learn the way of the psychopathic crime syndicate. Get this free book that explains how the psychopaths and their crime syndicate operates.
2023-12-21 17:51:4376
B^D23.RFK jr, enlightening us on Bio Weapons and MK Ultra
Will he be safe revealing this?
2023-12-20 18:33:4565
B^D24.Free Book "Un-Human" Decoding Psychopaths and Their Systems
"Psychopaths are the Apex predator of the Human Race. If you are not like them, you can't keep up the Pace." Faith Dominoe, The Enlightened Psychopath - 2015. Release date July 4, 2018. This is your your personal Freedom and Independence Day!
2018-06-24 22:24:382,833
B^D25.Brilliant expose' of how the Psychopaths operate
Brilliant expose' of how the Psychopaths operate. Regardless of whatever else is said, pay attention to the explanation on psychopaths
2018-05-19 13:54:011,142