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(6j#) un-human176.5.7 Billion jabbed with poison
Dying from jab, he wants WEF, WHO, GAVI. Gates and the rest who pushed the poison all arrested
2024-01-14 04:41:3515
B^Q177.Climate change hoax. 0.04% is the amount of carbon dioxide
Of that 0.04% 3% is created by humans
2024-01-14 04:21:1328
B^Q178.How we were tricked into poisoning ourselves with Flouride
Tricksters are everywhere in every system
2024-01-14 04:06:3845
(6j#) un-human179.Media reporting Elite injecting young blood
To help them stay young
2024-01-14 04:01:5929
(6j#) un-human180.Warning. Warning. Warning
What is behind child trafficking. It's a horror
2024-01-14 03:57:5323
B^Q181.Climate change is a hoax.
Co2 is necessary for life
2024-01-14 03:46:4051
B^v182.Lactobacillus salavarious
Why we all need it
2024-01-14 03:31:2018
B^v183.Dr. McCullough shares info with EU Doctors on the damage to the heart
Done by the jab
2024-01-14 03:15:1119
B^v184.CDC private and public VAERS reporting systems
Withholding information is the same as lying
2024-01-14 03:11:0228
B^D185."The Perfidoius Unreality of the New Normal"
This is the article by Kit Knightly explains how the psychopathic crime syndicate operates to convince you your observations are lies
2024-01-12 20:52:2613
B^v186.You still have time to get on the Extended Black Friday Winter Special
Stimulates healing during sleep, that incorporates NASA technology used in the space program
2024-01-12 20:40:1919
B^D187.Profound expose' on how the global psychopathic crime syndicate
Creates Fakery so you doubt your own observed truths
2024-01-12 20:36:0717
B^v188.Jab related heart,disease
Jab related heart disease
2024-01-11 22:00:2927
B^v189.Spanish Flu of 1918 caused by a vaccine
Haters of humanity
2024-01-11 21:58:0550
B^|190.Vinek flips the scripts on the lying media
Wants the lying to end
2024-01-11 21:48:1015
B^)191."Biden will not get any better. Trump governed responsibly"
Clearly said
2024-01-11 21:18:2221
B^|192.Biden learned from Obama & Hillary how to insulate hi self
Newt Gingrich explains
2024-01-11 21:12:5717
B^v193.Fauci and his minions must pay for their treachery
2024-01-11 20:07:0748
B^O194.Must watch "The Antidote" by Dr. Brian Ardis
Explosive. The fake treatments were in place long before C19 came along. This is far above and beyond a psychopatic endeavor. It is more like megalomania, headed by Fauci. Hitler + Mangele = Fauci
2024-01-11 19:30:1336
B^O195.Civil War in Ecuador, manipulated virus kills 100% of mice
But wait there's more
2024-01-11 18:26:3160
B^v196.The Medical Drug Cartel hid data on anti-depressants
They only care about the $$$, not what is best for you
2024-01-11 18:08:2459
B^v197.$14 Million paid by the Medical Drug Cartel to 55 mental health doctors
To create a book of diagnosis and teeatment
2024-01-11 18:03:1227
5||198.Gen Milley lied about J6
Betraying Trump
2024-01-11 17:57:0239
B^/199.Ponder on these insightful predictions for 2024
This person has a good grasp of history, looks at current movements, the predicts
2024-01-10 16:36:3526
B^\200.Cell Phone Radiation
Do you know how it affects your body?
2024-01-09 21:04:5429