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B^O226.Canada's Healthcare pedo's
Is there no country without pedo's?
2024-01-07 01:21:3221
B^)227.Mercedes Schlap is not having it with that demented psychopath Biden
Put in "beauty" category because what she says is so on point
2024-01-07 01:14:4725
(#j#)228.Prince Philp wanted to be reincarnated
As a humanity destroying virus!
2024-01-06 22:14:2022
(#j#)229.Bugs for thee, but not the Elite
Club of Rome, began with climate hoax to bring world wide control of human survival. Who do they think they are serving. Well it isn't the, Divine.
2024-01-06 21:10:3319
(#j#)230.Pelosi a psychopath blocked J6 testimony
Psychopaths are "control addicts" via chronic lying
2024-01-06 20:44:5421
B^v231.The dying animals wasn't a clue?
Pfizer stopped testing because the animals kept dying!!!
2024-01-06 20:38:1314
B^/232.City of London not part of the UK
And not part of the Eu. Say What? Why would that be?
2024-01-06 16:11:1033
B^J233.When your a Zombie
And have only one work assignment
2024-01-06 15:18:5829
B^v234.Green Cow says best interview ever on C19 and Tucker
Lots to digest here
2024-01-06 14:11:2722
B^{}235.Alien Invasion? something strange in the neighborhood
Or red flag?
2024-01-06 13:59:1730
B^{}236.The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us
The ability of self control, seems to have been greatly reduced after the jab. People report friends and relatives being mean, abusive, after the jab. Encountered that myself 3 days ago, by someone who has had 7, yes 7 jabs. They cannot be reasoned with. What are we to do?
2024-01-06 13:47:0036
B^D237.An excellent explanation of the narrative absurdities
I have been trying to figure this out myself. It's because psychopaths are "control addicts." Chronic lying is how they do it. Truth eludes them and it will elude you if you cannot discern the narrative absurdities created to disable your ability to think clearly without bias or dogma
2024-01-06 13:13:4831
Vindicated, finally
2024-01-05 20:36:0332
B^D239.They learned a new word today
2024-01-05 14:35:0533
B^J240.They do houses differently
In Belgium
2024-01-05 14:31:5950
B^/241.10 predictions for 2024
Based on observations of local and world events
2024-01-05 13:25:4430
B^v242.Canadian scientist says no excess deaths
Until jab, vaxiccutions
2024-01-05 13:19:0020
B^O243.Former military attorney tells us poisons in jab
Is the horrid intent
2024-01-05 13:12:2132
B^v244.Where have all the Good Men gone?
Health of the family, nation, community depend on good men
2024-01-05 13:05:3923
B^J245.Ricky Gervais
I love his forthrightness
2024-01-05 01:13:2747
B^{}246.Natural calendar has 13 months
Why was this changed?
2024-01-05 00:58:0924
B^|247.German farmers protesting now
Like the Canada Trucjers and Netherland Farmers
2024-01-05 00:43:1228
B^\248.Trauma based mind control
How it is done. Its a horror
2024-01-04 21:56:4539
B^|249.Flight Logs, 118 pages, of you know who
Well, well, well
2024-01-04 21:33:4631
B^v250.Surely someone(s) knew of the horrors they were injecting
These actions are truly despicable. Nanocapsules signaled by 5G and high EMF break and flood the blood stream = instant death. Sinister
2024-01-04 21:27:2638