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B^O1.Gates gene edited mosquitoes in Brazil raise Dengue Fever 400%
Gates is a raving maniac who hates non whites
2024-02-26 03:59:587
B^O2.Cancer is curable
It is an environmental issue, not a cellular issue.
2024-02-25 02:41:3913
B^O3.There's Venom in the jab
You've been duped
2024-02-25 01:00:1315
B^O4.Directed Energy Weapons
Are real, and there is a Congressional document, +++
2024-02-14 22:20:1222
B^O5.Well now the Elites are in full meltdown after Tucker interviews Putin
Breaker of Narratives
2024-02-12 12:18:3515
B^O6.Pfrankenstein proteins made by your body
From the c19 jab, to your detriment
2024-02-09 12:27:5013
B^O7.Unvaxed are picking up shedded nano particles of the vaxed through the skin
Dark field blood microscope images will shock you. There is a remedy
2024-01-24 06:30:2413
B^O8.Take our border back convoy(s) in February
Check website for info
2024-01-23 12:40:3712
B^O9.World wide Satanic coup
Has snuck upon us
2024-01-23 01:10:4014
B^O10.Supreme Court allows razor wire removed
That Texas put up. Why?
2024-01-23 00:17:3014
B^O11.Psyop on your mind for WWIII
The plandemic was a trial run for compliance
2024-01-20 15:52:2514
B^O12.Why did Congress pass the Disease X Act in June 2023
Who is controlling them?
2024-01-19 03:23:0315
B^O13.How the WHO plans to take over and subject all 194 member countries
Dictatorship for all
2024-01-16 03:29:1628
B^O14.Plandemic X is the WHO, WEF, CDC plan to circumvent countries governments
To have those agencies become a dictatorship over your sovereignty
2024-01-16 03:14:5630
B^O15.Must watch "The Antidote" by Dr. Brian Ardis
Explosive. The fake treatments were in place long before C19 came along. This is far above and beyond a psychopatic endeavor. It is more like megalomania, headed by Fauci. Hitler + Mangele = Fauci
2024-01-11 19:30:1332
B^O16.Civil War in Ecuador, manipulated virus kills 100% of mice
But wait there's more
2024-01-11 18:26:3151
B^O17.US Govt ordering the destruction of our food resources
Plowing under crops, euthanizing cows, Pigs, chickens. WTF.
2024-01-08 03:32:3231
B^O18.Canada's Healthcare pedo's
Is there no country without pedo's?
2024-01-07 01:21:3217
B^O19.Former military attorney tells us poisons in jab
Is the horrid intent
2024-01-05 13:12:2127
B^O20.Netherland's govt seizing farm
WeF at work
2024-01-01 18:12:2319
B^O21.Biden wants WWIII
What an f---ing idiot
2023-12-31 18:00:0727
B^O22.The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy
Elon says the what is happening at our border is "insane". Well that's what you get with an easily manipulated demented psychopath, supported by the psychopathic crime syndicate
2023-12-31 15:13:4923
B^O23.Black Swan is another psyop
Attorney Anna Von Reitz breaks it all down
2023-12-30 15:28:2419
B^O24.Chairman Powell, "this spending by Biden is unsustainable"
Duhhhhhh. The Dem's legacy for supporting this demented psychopath
2023-12-29 14:04:4125
B^O25.Yup. He's figured it out and named it
Those in charge have created a govt of Tyranny in the USA
2023-12-28 17:55:3020