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(#j#)1.The Scientific Destruction of the mind
It's a Psychopathic plot worldwide. Wake the F up people
2024-05-26 18:57:1070
(#j#)2.49 psychopatic leaders that got away with horrors
We must learn to recognize these psychopaths and send them to a prison dimension
2024-03-13 10:20:03318
(#j#)3.The WHO Charter of 1904 suspends Civil rights
And are now solidifying Civil Rights suspension in secret. Will utilizize a fake plandemic, with no proof, just based on a WHO members unjustified belief
2024-03-12 07:08:00190
(#j#)4.Foundations:Rockefeller, Gates, Hopkins
Are all connected through nefarious psychopathic agendas
2024-03-12 06:49:22200
(#j#)5.The Demobrats ruin everything
In your face Demobrats
2024-03-06 07:56:5456
(#j#)6.The UN is infiltrated by psychopaths
This is a pattern. They always start out good, get infiltrated and perverted by a consortium of psychopaths
2024-02-09 10:40:0767
(#j#)7.Fauci said those who refuse jab
Should have their right to refuse be taken away
2024-01-17 05:35:3967
(#j#)8.Prince Philp wanted to be reincarnated
As a humanity destroying virus!
2024-01-06 22:14:2062
(#j#)9.Bugs for thee, but not the Elite
Club of Rome, began with climate hoax to bring world wide control of human survival. Who do they think they are serving. Well it isn't the, Divine.
2024-01-06 21:10:3363
(#j#)10.Pelosi a psychopath blocked J6 testimony
Psychopaths are "control addicts" via chronic lying
2024-01-06 20:44:5460
(#j#)11.Forbes explains the mimicry of psychopaths
JB a lifelong psychopath, pretending to be a  butterfly, is a wasp, with dementia = grifting idiot. The world and we all see it. We need "jedi psychopathic mind decoders". Forbes explains psycho mimics. You can learn to recognize them
2023-12-28 18:00:2865
(#j#)12.Biden traitorous Horror show
Biden is a demented psychopath
2023-12-27 21:09:4565
(#j#)13.Proof that others understand psychopaths ruin everything
Psychopaths have no off button, cannot not be psychos. There is no drug or therapy that stops them. 1 to 7 in 100 are psychos. You have likely crossed paths with several unaware. The vampire is a metaphor for psychos. No reflection in mirror = no ability to self challenge. Are chronic liars. These are just a few of their tells
2023-12-27 19:42:1982
(#j#)14.When it's explained so susscinctly and clearly, I gotta reference it
For you viewing pleasure. The psychopathic decepticons sources and methods in just one area. These practices are utilized in govt, corporations, politics, medicine. Any enterprise where Domination is the goal.
2023-12-27 14:02:0566
(#j#)15.Do you know who you really are? Do you know who others really are?
It's a horror show, you are in it unaware, orchestrated by the psychopathic decepticons
2023-12-27 13:52:1667
(#j#)16.The psychopathic crime syndicate at its best
Tucker is flummoxed by his visit with Julian Assange. There is a life threatening horror for exposing the psychopathic crime syndicate
2023-12-27 13:25:3065
(#j#)17.Off to the Gulag for the J6'ers
The Psychopathic Crime Syndicate paid for by us, with our tax Dollar$!
2023-12-23 21:19:1473
(#j#)18.It's beginning to Look a lot like Democide
Canada is in denial as are other governments. Is anyone surprised? No, not really
2023-12-22 22:28:1475
(#j#)19.Learn how the Psychopaths Unite against the Divine
Their tools are endless because they have no off button
2023-12-21 17:24:3470
(#j#)20.Just one of the tools that the psychopathic crime syndicate uses
Black PAC is just one of their tools. Get this free book that explains how the psychopaths and their crime syndicate operates.
2023-12-21 17:14:3871
(#j#)21.This is how the institutionalized psychopathic system operates
learn how they carry out their agenda. Get this free book that explains how the psychopaths and their crime syndicate operates.
2023-12-20 19:38:1670
(#j#)22.An excellent explanation of how psychopaths and their psychopathic systems operate
Modern society is mostly unaware of the modern psychopathic crime syndicates systems that are in place to destroy modern society. Look at how the elite operate, believing they are superior to the divine
2023-12-20 19:25:4884
(#j#)23.Pentagon misled on Wuhan Institute by investments from Guess Who
Psychopaths always use a proxy to point away from their dastardly deeds
2023-12-20 17:30:5968
(#j#)24.Your Super Power Awaits!
Mark Levin understands who the psychopaths are! “What we’ve learned about the media, several of the hosts and guests, is we have a lot of psychopaths out there, that’s for sure,” Levin said. You can get your "super power" today! You can learn to obtain this "super power." It's not just for Super Hero's.
2018-07-20 23:03:342,472
(#j#)25.The Set Up - Fail! Fail! Fail!
Hmmm. The twitterverse timeline. People who thirst for power are attracted to politics. There needs to be psychopath vetting to keep them out of government. It is the psychopaths that have created worldwide havoc. 1 in a 100 is a psychopath. You have likely interacted with several in your lifetime and were unaware. We all must learn how the psychopath operates. It took over 7 billion people to expose the horrific corruption created by psychopaths.
2017-10-29 12:05:131,321