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B^\1.The Pentagon ran Anti-Vax campaign in Philippines
Wait what? Yet suppressed USA Anti-Vax Whistle-blower.
2024-06-17 18:34:4153
B^|2.Ex Muslim, exposes the Extreme Muslim desire to take over the world
Because they hate Western Freedom
2024-06-17 01:28:0350
B^|3.Did you know swords and Russian Women were a thing?
Neither did I
2024-06-16 17:33:0850
B^O4.The USA Petro Dollar just got shot through the heart and is now dead
What does that mean for you?
2024-06-16 17:23:2848
B^/5.Panic over Dimensional Portal Opening???
Caution on contamination from interdimensional open portals. WTF!!!
2024-06-16 17:00:56153
B^|6.Cliff High details the Nesara/Gesara Hoax
It's all a psyop folks
2024-06-16 16:30:0847
B^|7.You don't know Nesara/Gesara
It's a psyop people. Anna Von Reitz tells it to us straight
2024-06-16 16:26:1853
B^O8.Bird flu psyop
Don't fallfor it
2024-06-09 13:47:36155
B^\9.Thr WHO threatens member states that disagree
The WHO is the entity being used to take over sovereignty of all peoples of the world
2024-06-05 16:19:3361
B^J10.Government Ridicule
Brilliant. What's your favorite favorite? Mine is the Magic Tree
2024-06-05 16:11:1461
B^v11.Your light body.
Really. Our bodies communicate with biophotons. That makes sense to me as I'm energy sensitive and feel other peoples energy field. So I must be feeling their biophotons. This also explains attraction and repulsion to certain people. Start noticing who makes you feel good and who makes you feel like you need to be cautious
2024-06-05 15:56:0870
B^\12.Flying venomous spiders, OH My
Well can float on air when babies and prefer humidity. Whew
2024-06-05 15:43:2059
B^/13.State Banks can separate from the Fed, issue gold backed currency
If this is true, WOW. Will the state legislatures support this? If not why?
2024-06-05 15:35:2062
B^O14.Parasites ruin everything
Bet you don't know high cholesterol is your body fighting parasites. Statin drugs therefore reduce your bodies ability to fight parasites. There's more, much much more
2024-06-01 22:26:34163
B^O15.A sub group is working to align with the WHO Global Plandemic Teeaty
Who profits from this?
2024-05-29 20:03:1367
B^|16.Embrace being an outsider
By Donald J Trump
2024-05-29 19:38:2666
B^J17.The mentally impaired you have with you
And the whole world knows it
2024-05-29 19:32:1070
B^O18.Global Pandemic TAKE OVER by the WHO is dead
For now. They will come up with another plan. Ypu just wait
2024-05-28 15:16:2371
B^v19.Mercola's brain boosting nutrients
2024-05-27 14:47:10173
B^\20.CIA involved in creating the jab that kills, maims +++
How could it be otherwise, as the CIA was created by recruits from the WWII Nazi's
2024-05-27 14:35:01171
B^|21.The Health Ranger sues ''em all
Ha, ha, ha, ha. They deserve it.
2024-05-27 14:03:2474
B^v22.Pfizer more interested in the effects of the jab on sex
And reproduction than effectiveness on the lungs. WTF??
2024-05-26 22:24:15174
B^\23.Our rights signed over to the WHO
Means the end of all our civil liberties
2024-05-26 20:12:5595
B^v24.Nanobot replicator inhibitor
Nanobot replicator inhibitor recipe
2024-05-26 19:09:1071
B^D25.Freedom is taken away by one piece of paper at a time
Not necessarily by a gun. He suffered 22 years of torture by refusing to give in to Castro. Wow
2024-05-26 19:03:5293