B^J51.Star Trek Meets CNN
I did not know that CNN celebrated HRC's nomination in 2016. Did you?
2017-07-10 11:50:581,538
B^)52.Poland Loves Donald Trump
Poland Loves Donald Trump...So what is wrong with the USA? I realized when I heard his VA speech and heard Lee Greenwood sing "Proud to be an American," I haven't been proud to be an American since Daddy Bush. Trump has changed that for many here in the USA. The rest of you need to get over yourselves grow up...Faith Dominoe
2017-07-06 14:19:311,364
B^O53.CNN Office Raided in Russia
KGB (FSR) Raids CNN Offices Moscow, Russia
2017-07-06 14:16:551,244
B^|54.You Know those Dancing Cockatiel Birds - This Horse has Got It
You Know those Dancing Cockatiel Birds - This Horse has Got It
2017-06-30 17:05:241,180
B^J55.I'm with Her - 2 yr old has got it right on Airport stuff
Your daily QT
2017-06-30 17:00:381,898
(#j#)56.This is how the Psychopathic System functions - Lies, Lies, Lies
A Psychopathic System with trained psychopath reveals: A producer at CNN for 15 years caught admitting Russia investigation connected to Trump is B.S. and admits Trump is right that it is a "Witch Hunt." Booya...FYI: Psychopaths care nothing for the "TRUTH." Look at what we now have, psychopaths in training by the Deep State a Psychopathic System.
2017-06-27 14:35:351,185
B^D57.Yes. It s a Religion of Peace. So very peaceful
So very peaceful. Then why is Piers Morgan not willing to listen?
2017-06-26 16:13:291,283
B^)58.MSM won't shou you this
MSM won't shou you this. The real message starts at 8:25 minutes
2017-06-26 15:10:261,312
B^/59.Oddities regarding Sandy Hook revisited
Thank you Megan Kelly for re-invigorating a review of the unresolved oddities the still linger unanswered regarding the Sandy Hook event.
2017-06-26 13:59:341,254
B^/60.Who is Orchestrating this? Why?
Some nefarious global swamp creature(s) are working in the dark corners orchestrating this. Who are they? Why are they doing it?
2017-06-26 13:36:261,398
B^O61.Connecting the Deep State Dots
Hiding in Plain Sight and we have all been snookered...
2017-06-24 12:13:281,336
B^O62.MSM agenda to "control what you think"
Oh my. Dear Mika - that is not your job.
2017-06-23 11:53:071,163
B^/63.Don't Mess With Canada
Canadian Sniper targets ISIS insurgent over 2 miles away...
2017-06-22 15:48:161,082
B^|64.Hollywood Abuse Victim tells how children are groomed,
for Hollywood sicko's...
2017-06-22 15:04:071,217
B^D65.Dinesh D'Souza Explains how HRC can blame others for her behavior
Dinesh explains the History of the Democratic Party. This is nothing I ever learned in my History Classes. Watch and learn how the Democratic mind set is to create a problem, blame others for the problem. HRC is just following the script.
2017-06-22 14:13:321,209
B^)66.CNN Shareholder Meeting - Not happy with the CNN Bias
CNN Shareholder Meeting - Not happy with the CNN Bias...
2017-06-21 13:01:531,195
B^D67.The Plan to Destroy the USA from within by Brigitte Gabriel who lived through it in Lebanon
Better wake up and pay attention. You cannot love a psychopath into self assessment and enlightenment. Why does a GOD need more dead people? That is PSYCHOPATHIC!!! Explains how the colleges have been taken over to stifle independent thinking by the Islamic Brotherhood. How many times did Obama have their leader in the WH
2017-06-18 15:50:431,104
(#j#)68.Excellent expose' on how the Psychopathic system is being manipulated to fool us
The graphic imagery is excellent to make the point of how this Psychopathic System has been manipulating us for Century's, by the Psychopaths within the Psychopathic system.
2017-06-18 15:05:231,334
(#j#)69.How the Psychopaths in Hollywood Operate
WTF? WTF? Is SNL being cavalier or exposing the horror?
2017-06-18 13:34:311,150
B^|70.Omarosa owns Joy Behar on The View
Notice how Joy Behar's bias guides her comments to Omarosa. Also notice Joy's body language and how Omarosa's body languages is very different.
2017-06-18 12:49:261,151
B^D71.This is what a Religion created by a Psychopath looks like and does
to others who are not allowed to dissent from the Psychopathic Religion...
2017-06-17 13:16:081,272
B^)72.Good time to Review the difference between blame and truth
Blame has created this vicious dialogue we are now confronted with. Note how he states the case and does not blame. That is the difference between those who take responsibility and those who do have no conscious ability to take responsibility...
2017-06-15 13:13:331,284
B^)73.CNN - Crap News Network gets big shock interviewing everyday Americans
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Since CNN is telling lies, isn't that collusion????
2017-06-15 12:03:481,070
B^J74.Dog Owner gets dog a kitten - hilarity ensues
Your daily QT
2017-06-12 16:50:211,133
B^O75.Soros WH insider outed!!!
Soros WH insider outed!!!
2017-06-11 15:50:271,083
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