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B^\1.The Pentagon ran Anti-Vax campaign in Philippines
Wait what? Yet suppressed USA Anti-Vax Whistle-blower.
2024-06-17 18:34:4110
B^\2.Thr WHO threatens member states that disagree
The WHO is the entity being used to take over sovereignty of all peoples of the world
2024-06-05 16:19:3325
B^\3.Flying venomous spiders, OH My
Well can float on air when babies and prefer humidity. Whew
2024-06-05 15:43:2025
B^\4.CIA involved in creating the jab that kills, maims +++
How could it be otherwise, as the CIA was created by recruits from the WWII Nazi's
2024-05-27 14:35:0136
B^\5.Our rights signed over to the WHO
Means the end of all our civil liberties
2024-05-26 20:12:5551
B^\6.Pfizer Whistleblower
2024-03-13 08:55:49263
B^\7.Federal immunity for Big pharma iniated by Reagan. Why?
Should never have been created in first place. At least they are attempting to removed federal immunity for the c19 jab
2024-03-08 14:19:20244
B^\8.The reason Banks can take your funds
Money is not what you believe it to be
2024-03-07 00:32:01256
B^\9.Hippocampus shrinkage is needed for mind controlled zombies
That's why so many were convinced the C19 jab was good
2024-03-05 22:06:4412
B^\10.FBI raids veterans home, makes women and infant stay outside in 12 degree temp
This is reprehensible and so unnecessary
2024-02-27 20:54:1717
B^\11.Council forcing elderly couple to sell hime
To accommodate invaders. Musk said they would come for your homes
2024-02-26 04:03:5914
B^\12.Update on what you don't know
About, China, Ukraine, Europe protests
2024-02-25 01:42:1122
B^\13.AI chat program caught lying
And passes Med school, law school exams
2024-02-15 00:18:1243
B^\14.Govt subterfuge
Turns into Skynet
2024-02-14 19:24:3542
B^\15.Inside emotional manipulation
Fave tools of the psychopaths
2024-02-09 12:43:3625
B^\16.RNC chair AZ DeWitt attempts to bribe Kari Lake
She is not having it. She would rather die than sell out the American people. Indicates Cartel in all 50 states. I always wondered how they attempt to bribe. Listen and learn how it's done.
2024-01-24 07:46:2621
B^\17.What the DAVOS crowd is up to Jan 2024
They think they are superior to the Divine
2024-01-16 03:07:0940
B^\18.Cell Phone Radiation
Do you know how it affects your body?
2024-01-09 21:04:5432
B^\19.Beware of anything from "The Galactic Federation"
The term "pleadian" is a clue its fraudulent. Posted article to help hone your discernment
2024-01-09 19:54:1633
B^\20.On Mercola. Catherine Austin Fitts
The Games Banks play
2024-01-07 16:58:3131
B^\21.Trauma based mind control
How it is done. Its a horror
2024-01-04 21:56:4542
B^\22.A manufactured Zombie Apocalypse
18ghz from 5g will trigger the release of what has been hidden in the jab. Get that suit of Armour ready. Hey, Deagle predicts 65.1% population reduction in the USA by 2025. Hmmm
2024-01-04 14:24:4140
B^\23.Gates "Apeel"
The organic industry has been captured by the psychopath Gates
2024-01-01 19:14:2731
B^\24.Do you know what Alexa is up to?
You might be surprised
2024-01-01 18:17:3432
B^\25.Just in case it is true
2030 disaster?
2023-12-30 14:31:4130