You are Capable of More than you have been Told

By placing Frequency Art on billboards, bus advertisements, newspaper ads and inner city murals across the country we will essentially be launching a guerrilla marketing campaign to raise humanity's consciousness. You can help.



What is Frequency Art?!
The physical world that you see, is made up of energy.  The vibration of that energy is what determines whether that energy will express itself as an emotion or a headache, or  even as your living room chair.  This world that we live in, is vibrational before it is physical.  Normally, information that has expressed itself at (or slower than) the speed of light is all that can be perceived by the human eye.  However, the artist behind these Frequency Paintings (Teal Scott) is able to perceive information beyond the normal physical senses and create paintings that mimic the vibration that is present before the vibration becomes a physical thing.  In other words, Frequency Paintings are visual representations of pre-manifestational thoughts, concepts, emotions and things.  These frequencies are often geometric in nature and extraordinarily vibrant.  Whatever frequency they portray, is emitted into the space surrounding them and causes the viewer to align and entrain with that frequency.  Entraining with that frequency, causes the subject matter to manifest in your reality. 
This Ad-busting campaign is essentially an answer to all the "junk" that is attacking our senses on current billboards and ads that are competing for our attention.  Imagine being stuck in LA traffic and aligning with the vibration of inner peace or joy; and not just you, all the people in all the cars around you too.  These billboards will help raise the consciousness of humanity.  Your involvement in this campaign will send out sparks of awakening all over the world.  It is happening and you will aid in this new era of human self discovery!

·       This campaign is launched by Teal Eye LLC a company focused on Global Ascension and positive world change. Supported by, Andrew Bartzis (Galactic Historian) and Inelia Benz (Ascension 101).  
·       By contributing to this campaign you will support a global awakening  and help begin a chain reaction in people's lives.  Higher frequencies are introduced by powerful visual signs that intern will spark coincidences down a path of self-empowerment and individual freedom.  

What We Need & What You Get  

Money from this campaign will go to expensive advertisements.  Billboards range from 1,000 to 30,000 per-month for the busiest highways in LA.  Full page ads in the New York Times are around the same price. Bus Advertisements are $500.  We will spend 1/2 to 3/4 of the funds for High Traffic Areas to get exposure in large cities where vibrational transformation may be needed the most, then split funds to cover more ground on rural highways where 250,000 truckers pass each day.  We will also be working with Inner City Youth programs that organize massive frequency murals to replace graffiti. 

·       Rewards for helping us fund the project include a fear processing download from Inelia Benz, Frequency Art Prints, autographed books, Custom Frequency Paintings, Personal Sessions with Teal Scott all the way up to your own Workshop held in your location. 
·       All funds will be used to buy media space as we are putting up our own money as well to make this happen.