B^)1.Blasey Ford's Yearbook Scrubbed
Why would this behavior be acceptable to put in a yearbook? Why would it be removed from the database of the internet. This is not normal teenage behavior. There is something very sinister and dark taking place. Free your mind to understand what is really taking place in our world by getting my free book. Click on the banner above
2018-10-12 13:19:082,525
B^)2.Beautiful Production of a Christmas Tradition
Whether you believe or not - this exemplifies how exquisitely humans can manifest beauty. Why can't we all exist in such a beautiful moment and extend that world wide?
2017-12-21 15:17:471,055
B^)3.this is the type of stuff we need to show aliens to prove we aren't a bunch sh__ for brains´╗┐
This is who we truly are without Dogma. The Title is a comment of the viewers of this. 65,000 in unison. Imagine how we could transform this world by setting aside Dogma's that only divide.
2017-10-27 13:01:091,351
B^)4.Poland Loves Donald Trump
Poland Loves Donald Trump...So what is wrong with the USA? I realized when I heard his VA speech and heard Lee Greenwood sing "Proud to be an American," I haven't been proud to be an American since Daddy Bush. Trump has changed that for many here in the USA. The rest of you need to get over yourselves grow up...Faith Dominoe
2017-07-06 14:19:311,397
B^)5.MSM won't shou you this
MSM won't shou you this. The real message starts at 8:25 minutes
2017-06-26 15:10:261,352
B^)6.CNN Shareholder Meeting - Not happy with the CNN Bias
CNN Shareholder Meeting - Not happy with the CNN Bias...
2017-06-21 13:01:531,227
B^)7.Good time to Review the difference between blame and truth
Blame has created this vicious dialogue we are now confronted with. Note how he states the case and does not blame. That is the difference between those who take responsibility and those who do have no conscious ability to take responsibility...
2017-06-15 13:13:331,329
B^)8.CNN - Crap News Network gets big shock interviewing everyday Americans
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Since CNN is telling lies, isn't that collusion????
2017-06-15 12:03:481,120
B^)9.Betty White at 95
Gently disguised wisdom from 9.5 decades of life experience.
2017-01-30 17:10:521,091
B^)10.Wolves Restore River in Yellowstone
Wolves get bad press. They are the balancers of Nature as demonstrated by their re-introduction after 70 years of absence.
2015-05-19 15:52:251,661
B^)11.Secret Santa Hires Police for a Holiday Surprise
Secret Santa Hires Police for a Holiday Surprise
2014-12-26 14:09:011,513
B^)12.Get your Valentine Hugs here
Your daily Q.T.
2014-02-14 15:18:181,372
B^)13.Ah the wonderment of that first Rain
Ah the wonderment of that first Rain
2014-02-08 15:41:421,408
B^)14.This Man Knows Natural Law and Exposes the Falicy of Courts
Gave this the "beauty" category - because this is a thing of beauty to watch. How many of you do not know what this man understands, and buys into the false court system, which is a maritime court - in which you have no constitutional rights? Hey, when the judge leaves the court room - he has abandoned ship!
2014-01-25 03:00:331,694
B^)15.26 Moments in 2013 that proves people are GREAT
World Governments would have us believe we hate each other. Soooo not true. We need a world wide revolution. We are sooo much better that our governments constant warring. To those who chose to stand up or help out and to those who share those pictures. Many thanks.
2014-01-12 15:29:191,763
B^)16.Tis the Season for Decorating with Lights
These are homes you will not see unless you live there.
2013-12-22 12:29:241,864
B^)17.Need a Charity to Support ?
This one looks worthwhile.
2013-12-21 14:09:441,472
B^)18.Britians Got Talen Shocker and more
When will Simon Cowell stop judging people by their appearance...
2013-12-14 13:31:211,299
B^)19.You are Capable of More than you have been Told
By placing Frequency Art on billboards, bus advertisements, newspaper ads and inner city murals across the country we will essentially be launching a guerrilla marketing campaign to raise humanity's consciousness. You can help.
2013-09-24 10:28:421,694
B^)20.11 Years ago 9/11 - A Hearwarming Story from the Otherside
Here is an amazing story from a flight attendant on Delta Flight 15, written following 9-11...How many other stories like this, have we never heard about. Humanity on the whole arises to the occasion and reveals it's core essence.
2013-09-22 10:29:431,637
B^)21.Soldier and Squirrel - Awesomeness Abounds
You Daily Q.T.
2013-05-23 15:06:311,953
B^)22.Music of the Plants
Very soothing and beautiful. These plants were trained to produce their own music...
2013-04-20 12:07:412,077
B^)23.Blind Dog Living in Garbage Pile Rescued
If this does not touch your heart - you are not a human.
2013-04-13 18:10:271,919
B^)24.This is one of my Dreams
Wolves are so maligned and really very cool creatures. Learned this years a go when I read "Never Cry Wolf." That made me want to hang out with them like this little girl.
2013-04-08 13:14:471,658
B^)25.World Peace Treaty
Governments and Nations have been sent the documents by the Keshe Foundation. Anyone can sign this: --- Keshe explains how physics really functions - This will literally transform our World to a place of PEACE. Who can't support that?
2013-03-31 12:53:351,803
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