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B^Q26.Fauci admits C19 jab does nothing
All those unnecessary deaths. So who is responsible then?
2024-03-06 08:08:137
(#j#)27.The Demobrats ruin everything
In your face Demobrats
2024-03-06 07:56:548
B^J28.Govt ridicule
Try not to smile
2024-03-05 22:36:5736
B^v29.Cancer therapies
Utilized in a cancer clinic in Japan
2024-03-05 22:16:239
B^\30.Hippocampus shrinkage is needed for mind controlled zombies
That's why so many were convinced the C19 jab was good
2024-03-05 22:06:449
B^/31.An excellent expose on the difference between artificial and organic relationships
During this down time due to the writer strike, we re-watched all 1245 episodes of Dark Shadows, available on Prime or Tubi. One of the things I realized is that People with an agenda will attempt to create artificial relationships, like what the unawake demonbrats are attempting. Time to identify where your organic relationships are. You will learn much a out yourself. Oh. There are far worse things than a vampire....
2024-03-05 20:54:426
B^|32.It's all nonsense, by the non awake artificial demobrats
The non awake demobrats are attempting to convince you to accept their artificial Scenario of current events. We are not fooled
2024-03-05 20:35:007
B^J33.Well more cute. Dolphins see self in mirror
Check their self out
2024-03-05 20:19:477
(6j#) un-human34.The most Dangerous Person in Australia
Maria Zeee, on hacking humanity
2024-03-05 20:07:0210
B^v35.15 Reasons for itching
You've likely never heard about
2024-03-05 20:02:449
B^J36.Funny animals
Laughed & laughed
2024-03-03 21:44:4623
Try not to laugh
2024-03-03 05:15:1329
B^|38.Perspectives of another sort
Mind boggling
2024-03-03 05:09:2430
5||39.Maricopa Board of Arizona kicked out for Treason
That's how to do it folks
2024-03-03 01:43:2612
B^D40.Excellent expose on the psychopathic operations of the Democrats
Why, how, who, what
2024-03-03 01:38:328
B^/41.Well, well this explains what is really behind D E I
Nothing good. DeSantis kicks out DEI idiots
2024-03-03 01:32:299
B^O42.The Bolus Theory of over jabbed
As far as I can see this explains everything that has gone wrong with a lifetime of over jabbing. It's criminal
2024-03-03 01:24:228
B^Q43.Bioluminesence glow in the jabbed. Plastics in the blood +++
Many articles on health
2024-03-03 01:04:059
B^|44.Mama Don't let your babies grow up to be mindless zombies
In nature it is the females who protect the tribe, herd to be strong and survive. Wake up!
2024-03-02 05:08:349
B^/45."The Right Roof" Biden says, wait what?
There's a right roof to prevent DEWs from burning your home?
2024-03-02 04:27:348
B^O46.EMF and jab
Is causing havoc
2024-03-02 04:15:1727
B^v47.Film: The Cancer Conspiracy
There's no $$ in telling the truth
2024-02-29 17:57:5113
B^v48.40% increase in excess deaths from jab
In 25yr to 65yr according to info insurance, which they are hiding
2024-02-29 17:48:0712
B^|49.Katie Hopkins is having a "I don't give a F day"
We've all Had them
2024-02-27 23:10:4013
B^/50.Katy Perry Eye Glitch
2024-02-27 23:04:0136