5||1.Put on your Sun Glasses
Three videos on different topics that will blow the hair off of your head
2017-11-19 14:20:41810
5||2.Can't get over Hillary's Loosing?
Apparently she can't either. If she was a true Patriot, she would be calling for calm and rational thinking. If you can't handle the truth don't watch and stay in your fantasy headspace.
2017-01-30 16:43:29787
5||3.Waiting for Disclosure? It won't come from the USA Gov't
Me thinks they have learned not to trust the Governments. Wonder where your tax dollars really go...It is not what is above. It is more likely what is below...If you knew a planet's civilizataions were constantly warring - would you get involved or pass it by. Me thinks there is a concerted effort to keep us killing each other so disclosure won't happen. We need go grow up and stop the unnecessary killing and murder.
2016-04-26 16:06:46787
5||4.There Be Giants....
From "The Ruiner." A non compliant, rebellious illuminati recruit, reveals a different kind of agenda....
2015-09-22 12:17:00735
5||5.David Wilcock interviews Drake July 2015
Just cool your jets and calm down and listen to some reason.
2015-09-15 11:37:59769
5||6.Disclosure from the USA Government - Don't Hold Your Breath
Disclosure has been available for years and it won't come from any Government, because they cannot tell you what is really going on and has been for the last 50 years. If you dare to listen to this prepared to be shocked. It also answers many questions about things that just do not make sense.
2015-07-31 13:52:21654
5||7.Secret Space Program Whistleblower
Secret Space Program Whistleblower
2015-07-24 17:45:03973
5||8.Intergalactic Energy Wave Update 2015
You must listen and tell everyone you know to listen. Whether you believe or not, you will be prepared should you witness high strangeness. Hint: Do not react to anything - Not gun issues, race issues, bay/lesbian issues, any news reported issues. Do Not React. Keep your self stable and grounded, and help others stay stable and grounded.
2015-07-20 11:49:15975
5||9.David Wilcock Shares Controversial Information to Consider
Whether you agree or not, take the time to listen, then ponder, then observe events. If true then you are prepared with knowledge. Should these things occur, you can help your friends and family members to be aware. Have them listen to this...
2015-06-29 11:32:50771
5||10.Alien Hunters and Trekkies - This is what you are seeking
Just listened to David's interview and realized I had read a book years ago, that confirms what he is describing from his sources. Synchronicity abounds.
2014-12-27 12:31:02478
5||11.Further Exposure of Psychopathy in Medicine
"from a legal perspective, vaccines are routinely injected into people without informed consent. Virtually no one administering vaccines ever explains the risks vs. benefits of vaccines as is required under medical ethics and state medical law. In nearly all cases, patients are simply hoodwinked and told there are no risks at all."
2014-12-13 13:06:42617
5||12.Psychopaths Rule Our World
We are more than they are - and that is what they fear - that we will realized we do not need them...
2014-12-13 12:47:09933
5||13.UFO coverup is about Time Travel - Cold Was was about Keeping Dark Entities Away
If you cannot consider that we exist in an Artificial world then do not listen to this interview with Phillip Corso, Jr, son of Colonel Phillip Corso, who wrote "The Day After Roswell."
2014-11-23 15:04:33818
5||14.Snowden slams Amazon for leaking customer data to the NSA!
Are you being spied on without your knowledge? Do you have the new Fire TV from There is no power off or on button. Hmmm, wonder why?
2014-07-16 10:38:162,001
5||15.Tyranny Is always planned
And it is here and you likely don't know it.
2014-07-14 14:04:24887
5||16.It takes Woman to explain it all
The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY -- Karen Hudes
2014-07-13 11:06:42786
5||17.From China With Love
Ambassador for the Dragon Family shares their visions for humanity. Who new?
2014-07-13 11:04:43624
5||18.Best Reveal Evar Part 2 - Flight MH 370
Prepare to be informed - Now whatcha gonna do? Now that we are not stupid anymore!!!
2014-06-01 12:12:29783
5||19.Best Reveal Ever - Manipulations to keep you Stupid
The discussion starts at about 30 minutes. Prepare to know.
2014-06-01 12:05:03784
5||20.Fligh 370 Anomalie 4 - Anomalie 3 below might be a fake
Phillip who supposedly sent the picture from his phone on Deigo Garcia - is also a possible CIA plant in the Boston Bombing! We just can't trust anything we are told, this is so sad.
2014-04-07 11:34:231,025
5||21.Flight 370 Anomalie 3 - No make that the Actual Fact - Hijacked and Kidnapped
Cloaking, A Rothchild, Hijacking and Kidnapping involved in the disappearance of MH 370. IBM Worker in Hijacked Plane Sent Voice Activated Text and Photograph: GPS Revealed His Location to Be RAF-US AFB Diego Garcia.
2014-03-31 11:48:58991
5||22.Flight 370 Anomalies 2 - 3/2014
UFO, Plane morphing, Plane going too fast, then disappears
2014-03-28 16:07:44796
5||23.Financial Tyranny Exposed on Russian TV!!!
"The gold was seized as part of a worldwide plan for domination and control that goes back to at least the late 1700s, if not earlier.- By stealing everyone's gold, no one could compete with the worldwide "magic printing press" -- creating money out of thin air. - Those in power could determine who lives and who dies -- who eats and who starves -- by controlling the flow of currency. "
2014-03-28 15:40:511,418
5||24.Exposing th Lies, Secrets Kept from You
So you can be mind controlled. This exposes how these False Powers believe they have control over you, your land, your family, your country.
2014-03-09 13:24:34843
5||25.The Truth about Court Jurisdiction - There is none
You will be astounded that you have been lulled into participating in a lie, and you can change that...Courts are acting under a military tribunal and cannot expose that and can't admit to common law, as that would also expose the fraud perpetrated on you.
2014-03-09 12:59:23745
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