(#j#)201.Stealing Childhood and the Coverup by those in Power of Pedophelia
Suicide of young actors now makes sense....Children betrayed by their Parents to whom they trust in for their Safety...Corey Feldman reveals pedophelia in Hollywood.
2015-06-06 11:17:57993
(#j#)202.Psychopathic Cover UP of Systemic Pedophelia - USA
What you are about to view is horrific. Get out your vomit bucket - A 1 foot high stack of documents given to authorities about pedophilia abuse perpetrated on young boys from Boys Town, was never investigated by authorities. One has to wonder why? When the investigation finally took place, a Senator and others were told not to continue with the hearings...Discovery Channel never aired this documentary. Again one has to wonder why?
2015-06-06 11:05:241,034
B^/203.Super Bowl 2015 Half Time Symbolism
Is this what Bill Cooper indicated that "you will be told what "they" are up to before they carry out the plan." It does not matter if you do no believe this information. "They" believe it and are endeavoring to move forward. You will be shocked at the subtle symbolism in the 2nd Video....
2015-06-05 11:58:501,443
(#j#)204.William Cooper (Deceased) Exposes the Psychopathic Agenda in 1992
Your experience is a False Flag artificially created Matrix. William Cooper helps you to see through this artificial matrix back in 1992. A great history lesson.
2015-06-05 11:09:08979
B^O205.It takes a woman to tell the truth - This brave soldier reveals that
if you do not take the Swine Flu shot - you will be sent to the FEMA concentration camps. First they will take your guns, could this be how it begins? This is from 2009, and it still could be viable. One has to wonder if that is why Piers Morgan was hired...He wanted us to give up our tuns....
2015-05-30 15:01:42710
B^O206.You could be labeled a "T______t" and not even realize it.
You are considered a "T______t" if you voted for Ron Paul, opposed to the Gov't policies, believe in sanctity of life, can put away without representation or access to family...[A tyrannical psychopathic leader or system is dong this in the disguise of protecting the rest of you, because the
2015-05-30 14:55:02882
B^/207.Possible Signs of USA Currency Manipulation for Martial Law
Possible Signs of USA Currency Manipulation for Martial Law
2015-05-30 14:16:30963
B^{}208.Black Knight Satellite in Polar Orbit around Earth
Possibly 13,000 yrs old. Mysteries abound.
2015-05-30 13:07:551,437
(#j#)209.The World's Psychopathic System, Minions and Agenda
Excerpted from a much larger expose'. We have captured the essence, however we encourage you to read the whole article.
2015-05-29 15:11:541,471
B^J210.The Little Station that Could - Sort of
Well at least it is cheap entertainment. We need some humor anyway - as we traverse our way out of the Psychopathic Universe. More shows available at with much less confusion and errors. What can you say for an all volunteer crew? They do their best for no pay.
2015-05-19 16:51:461,275
B^)211.Wolves Restore River in Yellowstone
Wolves get bad press. They are the balancers of Nature as demonstrated by their re-introduction after 70 years of absence.
2015-05-19 15:52:251,630
(#j#)212.A Psychopath and His Psychopathic System Exposed
One has to wonder if this was the plan all along with all of those Billions earned from Microsoft? The horrors of experimenting with vaccines....Observe a very intelligent psychopath at work, note how he diverts and does not directly answer questions. This is a master psychopath. Just step off of his Chess Board
2015-05-19 13:50:12534
(#j#)213.Psychopathic Cover UP of Systemic Pedophelia
1)"Psychopaths will create a blueprint for constructing a mirror-perfect soulmate persona and then, they claim you.." [Their Matrix Explained] 2)The Psychopathic cover up of Systemic Pedophelia in the UK disguised as Common Purpose instead of Common Sense.
2015-03-31 14:01:031,151
(#j#)214.Psychopathic Control Grid - Explaind by Thomas Sheridan
This is a must watch. He explains his journey to figure out what is wrong with the world. This is a journey that took him to a place he could not have anticipated. Fortunately he did not have a dogma to prevent him from understanding, and allowed him to thoroughly explore the topic of psychopathy and realize that it has been transmigrated to some corporate structures.
2015-03-23 12:03:47827
(#j#)215.Psychopathic People and Psychopathic System Defined
Are 1% of the population and Systems are between 4% to 6% of business. No actual personality - just a persona which is the social mask - from the "Mask of Sanity." Learn where they and the systems lurk - Walk away, step off the chessboard, remove yourself for their game. Do not engage them, as you cannot change them, you can only help yourself by removing yourself from their reach. It only takes 5% to 6% of the herd to become aware - then the rest of the herd wakes up too.
2015-03-19 16:49:221,150
(#j#)216.Psychopathic Law - Possible Step to Defeating
National Liberty Alliance has made considerable and exciting progress to end the corrupt “kangaroo” [admiralty] court system and replace it with an honest Common Law Grand Juries in all 50 states. [Gold Fringe around Flag indicates Admiralty Law - notice the flags behind the President and also in Court TV shows!!!]
2015-03-13 11:36:28969
(#j#)217.Psychopathic Medicine's Ally - The FDA "Expose' from 2000"
"The drug has no proven efficacy for the treatment of influenza in the U.S. population, no proven effect on reducing person-to-person transmissibility, and no proven impact on preventing influenza," Elashoff wrote, adding that many patients would be exposed to risks "while deriving no benefit."
2015-03-13 11:22:03822
(#j#)218.Psychopathic Medicine, Big Pharma and Government Collusion EXPOSED
A New movie about to expose the psychopathic disease of Medicine, Big Pharma, Government and Politics. This is a world wide phenomena. One horrific exposure: Robotic bees to replace natural bees. Robotic bees carry pesticides to kill natural bees...
2015-03-08 12:48:10650
(#j#) Caught Preventing Petition Signatures
from reaching 100,000 to claim the public not interested in having a choice on vaccinations - yet 92% want to make their own choice.
2015-03-08 12:38:41851
(#j#)220.Psychopathic Reveal by Dr. Russel Blaylock, Neurosurgeon
Flouride increases many types of cancer. Government in collusion with the Flouride industry...UUgghh
2015-02-28 14:13:44737
(#j#)221.National Adult Immunization Plan - Courtesy of "Obamacare"
"While federal leadership and the alignment of federal activities are critical to implementing this plan, participation by diverse stakeholders is necessary for the NAIP to realize its potential. The NAIP is a national rather than federal plan and thus calls for coordinated action of governmental and nongovernmental partners. The success of theis plan will depend on the synergies between state, local, territorial and tribal governments, health care providers, advocacy groups; vaccine manufacturers; academia and research organizations, payers and health plans; employers and the general public to work together to overcome barriers and improve access to adult vacinations. Table 2 outlines some of the stakeholder groups that will be part of the plan implementation." Stakeholders? Stakeholders???
2015-02-25 15:58:061,324
(#j#)222.Psychopathic Roots - Could this be the source of the Psychopathic Agenda?
Observing the many things that occur on the planet, that simply make no sense - like the continuous wars, False Flag Fear episodes, lying about vaccinations, etc, The Psychopathic False Fear Consortium is seeking to sever your Divine connection to Source, through use of physical toxins, as they have lost their energetic means to do so. They are afraid, very afraid...
2015-02-25 15:37:55795
(#j#)223.Psychopathic Medicine Backfire!!!
"BACKFIRE: How the vaccine industry lost the propaganda war, alienated the public and stirred up suspicion of the entire medical profession" by by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
2015-02-20 16:47:011,141
(#j#)224.Vaccine Horror - Psychopathic Medicine at it's finest hour
"Vaccine horrors: Medical mutilation of innocent children exposed in GRAPHIC photos of "safe" vaccines gone horribly wrong", by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
2015-02-20 16:18:271,243
B^|225.Measles vaccine. No one died when we got the Measles
We expected to get measles, mumps, chicken pox. It was just part of the growing up process. There are childhood diseases that simply don not kill. It is more likely that you will become more ill than you ever imagined if you get a current vaccine. Read the letter in response to this video.
2015-02-20 12:59:061,148
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