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B^\101.RNC chair AZ DeWitt attempts to bribe Kari Lake
She is not having it. She would rather die than sell out the American people. Indicates Cartel in all 50 states. I always wondered how they attempt to bribe. Listen and learn how it's done.
2024-01-24 07:46:2615
B^v102.LED' s warn about radiation
Incandescent light have no such warning!
2024-01-24 07:24:3119
B^v103.Parasite destroyers
There are several
2024-01-24 07:20:5323
B^{}104.Virgin Airlines pushes private life exposure to customers
Your private life is after work, not to be promoted in work life. There is your work life. There is your private life. Period, end of story. Your private life is non of my business, nor do I care what takes place in your private life.
2024-01-24 07:12:3420
B^v105.British Columbia, CA hospital dumping patients
Is this the great health care system of Canada?
2024-01-24 06:58:2314
B^O106.Unvaxed are picking up shedded nano particles of the vaxed through the skin
Dark field blood microscope images will shock you. There is a remedy
2024-01-24 06:30:2418
B^/107.Human, subhuman, men, women
Is these a difference in terms of law?
2024-01-24 06:05:2718
5||108.Supreme Court, Obama, Bush, Clinton
Traitors, all
2024-01-24 06:01:2517
B^|109.Because you likely have not seen these protest in Germany on any news station
We bring it to you here. It is also spreading to more European countries
2024-01-23 12:53:2415
B^)110.Imani at it again. Takes on kamala
And the view. I love this guy
2024-01-23 12:49:0913
B^Q111.Climate change hoax
It's all a psychop
2024-01-23 12:44:5632
B^O112.Take our border back convoy(s) in February
Check website for info
2024-01-23 12:40:3715
B^v113.Side effects of cholesterol medication
It's not pretty
2024-01-23 12:35:3813
B^v114.Amish children do not have chronic ailments like autism
They do not get the recommended jabs
2024-01-23 12:32:4319
B^|115.Elon Musk believes this is important
Must read
2024-01-23 12:27:2039
B^J116.Grandma gets surprise FJB package
She agrees
2024-01-23 12:24:1338
B^v117.Multiple sclerosis has been found to be from parasites!!!
Get a Parasite cleanse
2024-01-23 12:18:3514
B^{}118.Strange but true
Well, shut the front door
2024-01-23 09:10:1832
B^J119.Snow Day in Canada
Party on
2024-01-23 07:44:0123
B^)120.Wow! The WEF event in Davos are clearly afraid of Trump
That is eye opening
2024-01-23 06:59:3711
B^)121.Mycelium networks create the internet for tree talk
Yup. Mushrooms assist trees to communicate, thrive, heal
2024-01-23 06:43:0711
B^v122.Private Equity Firms put profit over health care in hospital ownership
You loose
2024-01-23 05:33:5623
B^{}123.E Jean Carroll is nut job
I saw her on CNN flirting with Anderson Cooper, who is gay. She also said that she believed women dream of being raped! That's her own dream, projected onto women.
2024-01-23 01:31:3218
B^O124.World wide Satanic coup
Has snuck upon us
2024-01-23 01:10:4026
B^v125.Fauci had $6.2 Billion slush fund to bribe the Medical Cartel
To create false information, so that the population could be deceived. How did Fauci get that $6.2 Billion? They should should be held accountable
2024-01-23 01:02:4716