5||351.Syria is the Distraction - Russia is the Real Target
This is f__king insane. Ha! Ha! the people stopped it!!!
2013-12-04 13:27:56779
5||352.Russel Brand Interview with Alex Jones
If you don't know Russel Brand, prepare to be woken up. Once you know such things, you can't unknow them.
2013-12-04 11:37:49663
5||353.Hidden Technology of the Ancients
It is not what you think. Could this be what the show Stargate was referring to when they mentioned the Ancients? Prepare to be informed like never before.
2013-11-04 11:35:15535
5||354.Serve and Protect has become Seize and Profit
This is Asset Forteiture Abuse...A Policeman can take your assets on a suspicion - because they know most people cannot afford to go to court.
2013-11-03 13:11:23726
B^|355.Golden Voiced Clown
Singing "Royals"
2013-11-03 12:51:411,002
B^|356.189 M views in 2 months
Your daily Q.T. - I just watched this yesterday and it was at 184 M views. that's 5 M views over night. Created as a joke for their 3rd Season Talk Show. Hmmmm
2013-11-03 11:53:131,175
B^/357.3 Stepped Pyramids - 3 Countries
A different point of view...
2013-11-01 12:54:091,158
B^/358.Dark City - the Movie - It is time to realize your power
Now is a great time to review this movie is you have not yet seen it. It is pure metaphor. The point is that there are many factions would have us believe we are powerless - that is the lie, which John Murdock figures out.
2013-10-27 12:38:23895
5||359.Why is China...Why is FEMA...Why are Drones
Irradiated? Irratiated??? 4th video.
2013-10-24 16:30:21666
5||360.FEMA - Preparing for Civil Unrest and Martial Law Implementation
Do not fall for this. The Powers of Control want this, so they can take control of you. Resist the urge to fall for this False Flag. Check the color of the sticker on your mail box: Red - you will be murdered at 4:00am. Blue you are not as big a threat as Reds - sent to FEMA camp. Yellow
2013-10-24 16:09:17675
5||361.Actors, Performers Display-Expose MK Ultra Mind Programming
Prepare to be overwhelmed as to what is going on.
2013-10-24 15:32:16659
5||362.Neil Keenan Update Oct 21, 2013
Neil Keenan Update Oct 21, 2013 and Dylan Ratigan - nails it. The American People are asleep to these issues. If you cannot handle the truth - Do Not Watch....
2013-10-24 14:38:33805
B^O363.Real Reason for USA Gov't Shutdown....Nuclear Bombs for So. Carolina
Were to be released in the heart of Charleston to eliminate 24 Million USA citizens. WTF! WTF! Was going to call this a terrorist attack (aka False Flag) declare Martial Law, and then we have our Dictator. Generals who leaked info was fired by Obama...
2013-10-24 14:33:14749
B^|364.Halloween Oddities
It's a little early - Oh, well. A Michael Jackson tribute by Ohio State Marching Band. Not sure how "Blurred Lines," fits with Halloween - man, those are some singing skills. Other Halloween classics.
2013-10-24 13:43:171,190
B^|365.Getting your Halloween On...
Forget synchronized led lights - Now it's projection videos on your house. I still think the lights are awesome though.
2013-10-21 10:40:12629
5||366.NESARA is not what you believe it to be
National economic and stabilization recovery act. - Fake Name!!! True name is: National Economic Security and Reformation Act. Secretly created on October 10, 2000 and was to be implemented in 2012.
2013-10-13 12:04:51678
B^J367.Awww. Bunny thinks He's a Sheep Dog
Your Daily Q.T.
2013-10-03 14:03:151,697
B^O368.Constrain Congress - Movement to Push Back Congress Overstepping
"National healthcare, internet regulation and privacy, minimum wage laws and Agenda 21 would all be affected by a renewed constraint on congressional authority."
2013-09-29 14:40:23803
5||369.No Bombs for Syria
It takes a woman to make the point that Obama has no more credibility.
2013-09-27 15:42:41619
5||370.A USA Citizen Tells McCain the Politicians are Guilty of Treason
We are tired of the Lying War Machine!!! Well said, citizen. Woman tired of brain washing our children. A Syrian woman tells McCain - we are not collateral damage. We are not buying what you are selling about Syria!!!
2013-09-27 14:16:22845
{(0)}371.Crop Circles - Not - A Different Kind of Language
Presented here just to add information most of us are not familiar with. Not sure about the interpretation, however it is interesting.
2013-09-27 12:46:411,516
{(0)}372.Crop Circles - A Different Perspective
" many helped us progress who were compassionate and the other 1/2 thought we weren't worth the trouble..." Antonia Lau (EPIC = Earth's Plant Icon Chronicles)
2013-09-27 12:06:291,548
5||373.Liar Liar
Anonymous says....
2013-09-24 15:34:48792
"One CIA old-timer I spoke with told me that they would have the hypnotized assassin come into the office..."
2013-09-24 14:33:41722
She had to go to Russia to bring this out. Also revealed - what is really going on with Miley Cyrus.
2013-09-24 14:28:49633
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