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B^O626.Cops Take Infant Because Parents Wanted 2nd Opinion
This is outrageous. CPS kidnaps child with false claims of neglect. Parents ruffed up even though they were co-operative.
2013-04-29 15:20:501,116
B^J627.White Mean Can Dance
A different kind of Daily Q.T.
2013-04-24 11:00:321,695
B^{}628.Motorcycle and Rider Teleported out of way of oncoming Semi-Truck
Watch the fellow as he gets off his motorcycle and sits down. He is in shock and seems oblivious that his life has just been saved by an unusual being.
2013-04-21 14:54:431,613
B^Q629.Water from Air
A different kind of Billboard.
2013-04-20 12:12:261,537
B^)630.Music of the Plants
Very soothing and beautiful. These plants were trained to produce their own music...
2013-04-20 12:07:412,180
B^Q631.Plant Celluolse will be a nutrious food source and bio-degradable packaging
"that could help feed a growing global population that is estimated to swell to 9 billion by 2050."
2013-04-16 16:43:021,661
B^/632.Survey Says: "Majority of Law Enforcement Agents Disagree
with those attempting to take away our guns."
2013-04-14 16:36:041,504
B^/633.Huge Sun Anomalie
Excellent expose' on how these segments separate from the anomalie and then morph.
2013-04-14 15:33:081,127
5||634.Bernie Madoff is at the Hub of the Biggest Conspiracy
the world has ever known...If my Dad was alive, he would say "I'm spittin' nails."
2013-04-14 13:47:081,678
B^)635.Blind Dog Living in Garbage Pile Rescued
If this does not touch your heart - you are not a human.
2013-04-13 18:10:272,013
B^\636.The Gorillage People
Well maybe they are not people. Still this could be your 2nd Daily Q.T in one day. Hmmmm.
2013-04-13 18:00:131,966
B^J637.Funny Gross Facts about the Sea Pig
Listen with caution....Great Morgan Freeman impersonator.
2013-04-13 16:11:451,918
B^O638.Protecting Bank Illegal Forclosures
Unbelievable! Then not providing to the families the documents about the illegal foreclosures.
2013-04-13 15:35:041,377
B^J639.Dog wants a Kitty
Your daily Q.T.
2013-04-13 15:17:451,678
B^O640.Want a Free House?
Great allegory to help anyone understand what this New Health Care Legislation will cost you - Freedom and Liberty.
2013-04-13 12:53:201,362
B^)641.This is one of my Dreams
Wolves are so maligned and really very cool creatures. Learned this years a go when I read "Never Cry Wolf." That made me want to hang out with them like this little girl.
2013-04-08 13:14:471,751
B^J642.Lord of the Potato Chip Ring
Your daily wizard skills lesson.
2013-04-07 14:38:521,925
B^O643.Gun Facts Infographic
Read and learn Piers.
2013-04-07 13:27:351,043
5||644.The Matrix Explained
Set aside your egoic projection and just listen. This is excellent. No matter what you may think about the rest of his information - this is an excellent presentation of this false experience that has been manipulated by those who are psychopaths!!!
2013-04-06 16:45:341,097
B^/645.United in Protest
Not sure what this protest is about - however, I'm kind thinkin' the gal on the right might have inspired it...
2013-04-05 15:11:331,312
5||646.Femen Stages a 'Topless Jihad' across Europe
"Last month, Amina Tyler posted naked images of herself online, with the words "I own my body; it's not the source of anyone's honor" written on her bare chest...Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice," reportedly called for Tyler to be stoned to death." Another example of those non-empathetic psychopaths.
2013-04-05 14:18:591,184
5||647.Open Letter to the Galactics
I am rather tired of this non-interference thing too. We need interference. The Dark Side are psychopaths and the Light Side are not. For a non-psychopath - it is hard to fight such unrelenting darkness.
2013-04-05 11:47:191,000
B^/648.Guns VS Spoons
Excellent point for Piers Morgan to...and you know he won't. Remember the days when Larry King asked questions? Who cares about Mr. Morgan's opinions anyway. No wonder the Brits don't want him back...
2013-04-01 12:55:071,825
B^J649.The New Walking Dead 2013
Creative take on...
2013-04-01 12:39:301,812
B^)650.World Peace Treaty
Governments and Nations have been sent the documents by the Keshe Foundation. Anyone can sign this: --- Keshe explains how physics really functions - This will literally transform our World to a place of PEACE. Who can't support that?
2013-03-31 12:53:351,915