B^O951.Do Not Allow Your Pets to Eat: Corn, Wheat or Soy - It's Deadly!
"These three grains are killers. Corn, Wheat and Soy are toxic to cats and dogs."
2010-10-31 16:11:401,244
B^|952.Some Halloween Treats
And the Dogs have it. Kitties have their work cut out for them....
2010-10-31 14:05:14896
B^/953.John Stewart Explains the Rally for Sanity
A Big Thaaannnnk You to Johns Stewart. What other choice do we have? We either continue the Fear or choose to exist in Sanity. Sanity is a choice just as is Fear. You all choose everyday how you experience this hologram. Sanity like liberty requires eternal vigilance. TCoF
2010-10-31 13:12:51840
B^|954.Cutest Little Guard.
Your Daily QT. Practicing for their future job.
2010-10-30 22:25:53870
B^|955.Lookout Christmas - Halloween's out to Upstage You!
Some surprises. OOps how did that get in there? Getting the Time Warp on.
2010-10-30 16:21:26862
B^|956.Even Animators love Lady Gaga
2010-10-29 05:25:47806
B^|957.Lady Gaga Impersonator's
Even the young love her....FYI: I am probably the Oldest Lady Gaga Fan, so young is a matter of perspective. You gotta check out the last video, this fellow is amazing with this arrangement. Lady Gaga would be pleased. TCoF
2010-10-29 04:53:17865
B^|958.Michael Jackson Impersonator's
They're out there, thrilling us all.
2010-10-28 19:02:37825
B^|959.Somehow this just seems appropriate for this Halloween Time
Enjoy....Did you know there were so many varieties?
2010-10-28 18:19:44744
B^|960.Damn! When is he coming to America?? 2011 that's when
Get your tickets now! Learn more at He is coming here in the dead of winter! Get your snowplows ready...
2010-10-24 12:56:19807
B^|961.Japan scary good with holograms - not just robots
What happens when they combine them. As one commenter said, "no wonder aliens are afraid of the human race."
2010-10-24 12:41:03825
B^/962.If Bing Crosby was a Beat Boxer
Thanks for the innovative update U.K.
2010-10-24 12:30:24892
B^/963.Geek is the new Koooool!
How many of you are not afraid to get your "geek on?" A big thank you to for this educational graphic...
2010-10-24 12:13:46850
B^/964.How many more dead with satisfy this bloodlust?
Ah, yes the destruction of a country is just not enough. This is very disturbing. If your're not disturbed by this, then you're not human...
2010-10-24 11:45:12897
B^J965.Oops! A Really Big Oops!
2010-10-24 11:39:441,076
B^|966.For All You Coffee Latte Drinkers Out There
I'm not a coffee drinker. I do however appreciate good understandable art, and clever innovations. I'm not sure how much better this makes the world, or reduces pollution, or helps to clean up the planet. Maybe that is not the point. Maybe it's just to enjoy the moment differently. TCoF
2010-10-21 11:27:22760
B^|967.Prague Astronomy Tower`s 600th Anniversary Show
Something called "video mapped." Very cool.
2010-10-20 03:14:54790
B^/968.Those Japanese are scary good with robots.
I gotta say, she sorta sounds like the Chipmunks. No offense meant to the chipmunks.
2010-10-20 02:59:39707
B^J969.That is one clever dog.
I wonder how he got that Jack-o-Lantern up there?
2010-10-20 02:33:27786
[:]^[]970.Look Out Segway - Your Days Are Numbered!
New Off Road "DTV Shredder." Shreds dirt, hauls, remote controlled, you can even jump tall buildings with a single bound. Well maybe a dirt mound. Puttin' it on my Christmas List.
2010-10-15 13:34:54950
B^Q971.Parapalegic's get up and walk!
Awesome Innovation.
2010-10-15 13:20:54960
B^/972.Google's Driverless Car
There are no words. There just are no words. Hey, I know, maybe the FBI can GPS this and waste more of our taxpayer $$$.
2010-10-13 01:49:06851
B^/973.GPS'd Car by FBI. Person investigated found boring...
Well now. Here's the verification for the 9th item below. "Your vehicle may be Gps'd without your permission."
2010-10-13 01:33:51843
B^O974.Malicious Computer Virus disguised as "pdf" or "wmv"
Verified by Snopes from September 2010: "Here you have" or "Just for you" in the Subject Line...The files attached to the e-mails are dangerous because they appear to be a PDF or Windows Media (WMV) files but are actually disguised files known as Trojans. When it is run, the virus installs itself on your computer.
2010-10-12 10:53:191,152
B^O975.Beware of New Clothes, Towels, Underwear, etc, Bed Bug Infestation
Bed Bugs have invaded...
2010-10-11 12:30:38905