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Unleash Eco-Friendliness, Engine Efficiency, Improved Power with a small tablet

Green Fuel Tabs will do for vehicles and the environment what Microsoft did for coomputing. This little tablet increases mileage by 10% to 20% +++ When the fuel is used at the microscopc level combustion temp burn is reduced from 600c degrees to 200c degrees, which is less engine wear, alllows for better engine performance with increased power. Now here is the best of all, reduced C02 emissions for better air quality for all living things. All with just a tablet. If reducing fuel costs because you can get up to 20%++ more mileage from your fuel is not an issue for you, then do it for the environment. It's a simple and inexpensive way to do your part to help improve air quality.


Our 20 yr old, 190,000 mile SUV, after just 4 tablets, went up a 30 degree incline on the highway, without any extra fuel push! I was shocked and impressed

(Now I understand why combustion engines are so inefficient and how Green Fuel Tabs will make combustion engines function much, much better)

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Creator Jim Lynch explains how Green Fuel Tabs, creates fuel efficiency:

Jim Lynch creator of Green Fuel Tabs details power of efficiency

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UPDATE, Feb, 25, 2024, 4.38 pmpm: 

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