B^|1.My Resignation Letter
Lookee here what I just found in my garage. There's enough to share. I went right over and saw this for myself. Rather than emailing it - I just added it here so lots of people can share in this abundance. Faith Dominoe
2010-07-09 02:51:5214,895
B^|2.Harvard Law Review 1991 - Barack Obama - Born in Kenya...
Oh Dear - what are we gonna do now?
2012-05-19 17:20:583,640
B^|3.Roseanne Barr for President
This woman has paid her dues. Dealt with her sh__, so she knows how to confront Sh__ and expose it. And American politics and politicians have a lot of sh__. As Dr. House says, "everybody lies." One thing about Rosanne - she does not lie, cause she can handle the truth and she knows so can we!
2012-08-10 12:17:161,348
B^|4.Lee Harvey Oswald Was a Hero
You've got to watch to whole series. If you don't want to spit nails, after watching this series - then you're not from around here. You will never, ever trust the government again! Forced to live in exile in her own country, having her family threatened, career ruined. This woman is a HERO for telling us the truth! She deserves to be honored for her courage! TCoF
2010-08-21 15:18:591,159
B^|5.Darth Vader has invaded Earth - Run, Run
Well maybe not invaded just yet, however, it looks like he's certainly trying different disguises...
2011-03-25 14:17:131,091
B^|6.Huge Space Ships in Saturn's Rings
Some suggest they are harvesting minerals from the rings and even helping to sustain the rings
2010-05-13 05:32:181,024
B^|7.Sistine Chapel in 360 View
It is almost like being there. Now this is really a Super View Sunday
2012-05-20 13:50:40992
B^|8.Prayer Dominoe
2010-05-29 19:35:25991
B^|9.Excellent Moon and Earth Anomalies
Makes one wonder just how much we are not being told...
2010-06-10 04:16:17971
B^|10.Our Sun is very abundant with something
The thing that looks like ~~~~~~~ has got to be huge!
2010-05-29 23:16:23969
B^|11.If Earth had rings like Saturn
2009-12-20 09:04:17954
B^|12.Dog Dancing Merengue
This dog is a great dancing partner
2010-01-04 09:31:02949
B^|13.Best Parkour Thriller
You gotta watch till the end...
2009-12-31 08:53:56945
B^|14.A Calorie is not a Calorie - Sugar's Undoing...
High Fructose Corn Syrup/Fructose/Sugar - the poisonous additive
2010-02-23 16:50:16939
B^|15.Earth 3D on Google Earth
Very cool.
2010-05-22 21:03:56939
B^|16.Now that's a Chocolate Cake!
For all the Mom's who love Chocolate!
2010-05-09 16:24:14928
B^|17.Lady GaGa - "BOYS BOYS BOYS/FASHION" Music Video
Over 2,000,000+ views
2010-05-12 04:14:53926
B^|18.Those Philippine Prisioners are really getting good
I see 2 guys in the front that don't quite look familiar, somehow
2010-06-03 05:41:57919
B^|19.This drummer is at the wrong gig
That title makes you want to watch, doesn't it.
2010-06-05 09:59:11918
B^|20.Lady Gaga - Poker Face - Parody ("Outer Space")
Over 25,000,000+ views
2010-05-12 04:32:17912
B^|21.Some Halloween Treats
And the Dogs have it. Kitties have their work cut out for them....
2010-10-31 14:05:14910
B^|22.Structure on the Moon - 4 cornered platform
What purpose does this structure serve, and whom?
2010-05-12 19:46:22900
B^|23.A different kind of flash mob
Michael Jackson tribute in Stockholm, Sweden 6,000,000+ views
2010-05-18 03:30:07896
B^|24.Brilliant "Seat Belt" campaign
No words are needed
2010-05-29 19:03:48895
B^|25.Cutest Little Guard.
Your Daily QT. Practicing for their future job.
2010-10-30 22:25:53887