B^/76.The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes
Yup. She nailed it. We are doomed unless we remove the mind virus and upgrade to a new mind that considers life beyond our nose. She's right governments will NOT make the necessary changes. The change must come from the people.
2012-07-03 15:53:59606
B^/77.What is Wrong with Americans?
Short term greed over long term rewards. The metaphor is "short sightedness." What can be done to wake us up to consider the long term consequences of our greed? How do we change that short sighted model and get us to shift? I think it must come from the masses for change to occur. Have you noticed the article on Iceland, just 2 items below?
2012-06-29 14:29:21528
B^/78.Some ideas are just AWESOME
Get out your tissues, and your thinking caps....
2012-06-21 13:50:02546
B^/79.66 Ft Dock from the March, 2011 Earthquake in Japan, Lands on Oregon Coast
Arriving last week on the Oregon Coast. How does something like that even float?
2012-06-11 13:01:09522
B^/80.Aliens Apathetically Abduct Allegorist
That is a direct Headline Quote from It is brilliant. If you are a fan of the History Channel series, "Ancient Aliens," you will appreciate this observation of metamorphosis.
2012-06-02 19:35:05568
B^/81.Remind you of something ?
Someone figured this out and took steps to make a point.
2012-06-02 14:31:41651
B^/82.What? Since When?
I thought it was Mom who did this? Now I am really confused...
2012-06-01 15:21:25552
B^/83.Marriage is more than you believe, think or feel.
And this presentation makes it more so.
2012-05-25 14:03:54623
B^/84.Now Mitt Romney is caught lying
What chya gonna do?
2012-05-24 15:20:121,134
B^/85.Remember this exactly 1 year ago on May 21, 2011
2012-05-21 14:04:57588
B^/86.How to be authentic by James Lipton
Advice for Mitt Romney. We can always learn from others inauthenticity.
2012-05-20 15:06:37620
B^/87.What say you America? Write your own or hook onto others
Article presenting President Obama including accomplishments on the coat tails of other Presidents. Hmmm
2012-05-20 14:54:05574
B^/88.Presentation banned on TED
It is not truth that I am afraid of. I am afraid of what truths are withheld!!!
2012-05-18 14:24:12613
B^/89.Twitter Learns the "Titanic" is more that just a Movie
Hmmm. The Titanic sinking happened before I was born and I am a few decades of age. We never studied it in history class. How did I know it was real? There was no Facebook, Internet, Twitter, Email, TV or phones, when I was kid. So how did I know it was rea1. Something to Ponder on...
2012-04-23 13:06:46534
B^/90.The Owl and Pussy Cat and other odd parings
Not the story, not the song, this is real and very hmmm, what is the word? Interesting, strange, thought provoking, anyway somethings to Ponder upon.
2012-04-19 12:19:08637
B^/91.Excellent Expose' on Codes, in Paintings, Architechture, and more
Almost 4 hours. Remember belief effects outcome. Such symbology is not needed by the Divine Source. Only the human ego needs to classify or give significance to things. Many agree that our experience is a collective holographic projection.
2012-04-15 12:41:34544
B^/92.Primates prefer primates
Your daily Q.T.
2012-04-08 13:55:15586
B^/93.If you don't know it yet - we have been socialist for a while now
Some good points to consider and ponder. This has attempted to be kept secret. If you have good observation skills, you already know this. For those who don't already know this, perhaps it will stir you to wakefulness. Have you been following the 5|| posts. If not it will catch you up...
2012-04-07 12:22:58484
B^/94.Umm...Err...That is not exactly what the sign means
We Present. You figure it out
2012-03-31 19:23:23584
B^/95.Ah! to be so young and vital at 86 years
She must keep up a daily routine....
2012-03-31 19:13:27523
B^/96.Consder the Possibilites of these Phenomena
Perhaps it is way past time to stop thinking in terms of "paranormal" and realize it is all just normal for this journey on Earth. If any of this is true, we have an amazing history and interesting phenomena to ponder on.
2012-03-29 12:01:31565
B^/97.Ring Portal
Or something else?
2012-03-21 01:41:01678
B^/98.A excellent expose' on rationality versus irrationality.
I rather think that God does not care what any human thinks about God. God knows what is real. God knows we are lost in our false projections about God and religion. Like the Prodigal Father, he is just waiting for us to wake up, come to our senses and return home, so that we can all enjoy the celebration.
2012-03-11 14:00:14537
B^/99.Prof Kupchan of Georgetown U explains Islam Politics
If we can comprehend this point - the Middle East philosophy will make much more sense to us. There is no separation of church and state from the Islam perspective and the Prof explains it clearly.
2012-03-11 13:39:52608
B^/100.Wow! This pulled me right in.
Very thought provoking animation...
2012-03-09 12:40:37554