Crop Image is Olympic Torch for 2012

Some speculate this was about a predicted explosive event at the 2012 London Olympics. We think it is simply a symbolic representation of the Olympic Torch

Source for the Crop Image:

This is interesting on many levels. I have not been watching the 2012 London Olympics. I saw this image and could not figure out what it might represent or mean. Several claim it is a precursor of an explosion that will happen at the London Olympics. Suddenly it occurred to me that it was a symbolic representation of the Olympic Torch. I began searching for actual pictures of the Rings with the Torch. Those are rare. What is more common is graphic representation of the Olympics incorporating the rings and torch symbology.

We have included many symbolic representations of the world olympics in the imagery presented here. The intent is to show that the crop image is a symbolic representation. Whether done by human effort or an unseen effort, it is interesting to note that the rings are displayed as part of the flame, and the rings do become a torch during the ceremony. Don't get hung up whether it is 6 or 5 circles - the point is this - this crop image is a representation only.  Either we created it or the unseen world created it. It does not need to be judged, just that either us or them are in the know of this event.