B^J51.Do Not Push the Button
Especially the "Red" one!
2012-04-12 12:31:351,812
B^J52.Now That's an Upgrade
Your daily Q.T.
2012-04-11 13:03:221,604
B^J53.Alien Remake
The Easter Surprise
2012-04-08 13:41:231,324
B^J54.Super Dingo from Down Under
What say you? Possibly soon to be a web based series. We at DD, appreciate this insight in to the world Down Under.
2012-04-08 13:30:521,413
B^J55.Where's the Puppy?
Your daily QT. Ah, yes we need a break from all of that 5 column heavy duty stuff....
2012-03-31 19:08:121,734
B^J56.Party Rock Anthem for those who neither Party nor Rock
It's time for a laugh. Caution if you are not 18 yrs old.
2012-03-11 12:57:281,687
B^J57.Dancing Zebra
Your daily QT. Just try and not smile.
2012-01-20 07:13:341,610
B^J58.You know about Iron Man right! Now face Iron Cat
OMG! A 2nd Daily QT.
2012-01-07 14:45:412,134
B^J59.Grandma's got rhythym
A different kind of daily QT.
2012-01-05 14:55:331,800
B^J60.2011 in Review
Sometimes things just go right...
2012-01-02 14:39:411,520
B^J61.Norwegian Icebreaker heads up the North Saskatchewan River
As you may have seen on the news it's been very cold in Alberta ... So cold, in fact, that the Government of Alberta has borrowed a Norwegian Icebreaker to clear the North Saskatchewan River for freighter traffic. The Icebreaker is starting near Devon and working its way northward. Here is a picture as the hard work of ice breaking begins. Impressive! Norwegian Icebreaker comes to the rescue . . .
2011-12-18 15:06:552,744
B^J62.Puppies and Christmas - Nuf said
Your daily QT.
2011-12-18 14:16:271,725
B^J63.Yarn Bombing Yarn Storming Thread Bangers
Guerilla Crocheters and Knitters take to the streets. After you have you have crocheted or knitted your last scarf, whatcha gonna do? You take it to the streets and make the drab urban environment a work of art. You're do'in it right!
2011-12-11 12:51:411,801
B^J64.Japan's Got Talent
Yup. Japan's Got Talent
2011-05-27 17:25:501,888
B^J65.Cats of War
Dogs don't rule anymore...
2011-05-14 17:16:512,197
B^J66.This is how Truck Drivers are Born.
And now for a bit of humor....I usually size these images down, but this is just too good to shrink. You'll see why...
2011-04-30 19:14:351,791
B^J67.This Pug Has Got The Moves!
Just listening to my music and groov'in with my best friend.
2011-04-18 12:49:481,628
B^J68.Two Dogs Dining
Your Daily QT. There just haven't been enough of these lately. Hmmmm
2011-03-26 15:54:171,932
B^J69.For all you Engineers and Physicists and those who get Quantum Physics
Hmmm! The coffee break room is such a conundrum these days
2011-03-03 13:05:542,089
B^J70.This is how the Boomers did it
Hey I still have mine, do you? How do you recycle these things anyway?
2011-03-02 14:40:341,734
B^J71.Soldiers Just Wanna Have Fun
For all they are doing, they need a fun break now and then.
2010-11-15 04:05:111,648
B^J72.Smart Dog Imitates Wookie
Your QT of the day, maybe month.
2010-11-11 00:54:573,584
B^J73.Oops! A Really Big Oops!
2010-10-24 11:39:442,005
B^J74.That is one clever dog.
I wonder how he got that Jack-o-Lantern up there?
2010-10-20 02:33:271,747
B^J75.What Storm Troopers do on their Day Off
It's Humor Time
2010-08-31 02:16:501,838
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