B^J1.An Oldie but Goodie from Ray Stevens
Your daily QT
2018-06-29 13:56:322,561
B^J2.Star Trek Meets CNN
I did not know that CNN celebrated HRC's nomination in 2016. Did you?
2017-07-10 11:50:581,584
B^J3.I'm with Her - 2 yr old has got it right on Airport stuff
Your daily QT
2017-06-30 17:00:381,955
B^J4.Dog Owner gets dog a kitten - hilarity ensues
Your daily QT
2017-06-12 16:50:211,200
B^J5.She can ride a tractor , chew tobacco - God and me did that
Your daily QT.
2017-04-08 12:13:141,100
B^J6.Don't Bungee Jump Naked
Your daily QT.
2017-01-30 16:08:101,429
B^J7.The Little Station that Could - Sort of
Well at least it is cheap entertainment. We need some humor anyway - as we traverse our way out of the Psychopathic Universe. More shows available at with much less confusion and errors. What can you say for an all volunteer crew? They do their best for no pay.
2015-05-19 16:51:461,326
B^J8.Progenitorivox - A Review of the Psychopathic Medical Systems University Prescription for You!
The real singers and the 2nd item we posted when we began this website to wake you up.
2015-02-02 19:41:121,281
B^J9.Song - What if your ___ was gone?
Well you will just have to listen. Some good humor in the midst of all these psychopathic systems that attempt to mess with us and mess us up.
2015-02-02 19:33:231,317
B^J10.Psychopathic Medical Systems - Prescriptions for change
Psychopathic Medical Systems - Prescriptions for change
2015-02-02 19:24:341,709
B^J11.Jungle Bells with a German twist
A Holiday shopping surprise. You won't be able to figure it out before it happens. Enjoy
2014-12-26 14:33:531,557
B^J12.These are "Not the Droids"
Your Daily Q.T.
2014-07-13 12:00:251,202
B^J13.Girl on Bicycle with Cat in Basket sing "We Built this City"
Your Daily Q.T.
2014-02-22 14:08:531,518
B^J14.What Happens in the Elevator Stays in the Elevator
and the restaurant and the Drive Through - til it goes viral. Your daily Q.T.
2014-02-21 13:24:241,469
B^J15.Remember the Torino 2008 Olympic Cat Curling Event?
Your Daily Q.T.
2014-02-16 14:55:491,652
B^J16.The Poop Exchange
The Poop Exchange
2014-01-25 15:41:341,636
B^J17.Send Me Your Love and other stuff - well maybe not
Your daily QT, sort of...
2014-01-24 14:27:243,084
B^J18.Mr. Bean at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
Hey, I missed this....
2013-12-22 13:43:001,703
B^J19.What does the Fox, Cat, Dog, Fish Say in 2013
and the Sock, Mom, Dad, girlfiend and more say?
2013-12-21 15:36:101,922
B^J20.Awww. Bunny thinks He's a Sheep Dog
Your Daily Q.T.
2013-10-03 14:03:151,835
B^J21.They do it differently in Russia
Well there is something to be said for taking advantage of an event and making it an opportunity...
2013-08-18 15:40:241,927
B^J22.Two Bros Just Chillin' in the Pool
Your daily Q.T.
2013-06-01 17:15:081,804
B^J23.Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults
26 Reasons can't be wrong
2013-05-25 15:16:571,867
B^J24.Headless Zombie Drive Through Prank
Hilarity ensues.
2013-05-22 14:26:252,026
B^J25.White Mean Can Dance
A different kind of Daily Q.T.
2013-04-24 11:00:321,610
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