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B^)51.An Example of Timeline 3 - Abundance is our Future
More on the Timelines later. The News Media is stuck in Timeline 1. We are headed to a magnificent future, but those in charge would have you believe otherwise. Choose to support timeline 3, cause no matter what, it is already hear.
2012-03-23 10:42:371,692
B^)52.Lion Cubs Hugging Care Taker
Your daily QT
2012-03-21 02:02:191,747
B^)53.Gorillas check out tourists at camp in Uganda
This is the coolest thing ever!!! How can you not be changed forever with an experience like this?
2012-03-10 14:04:051,708
B^)54.Humans Save the Dolphins!!!
How fortunate were these dolphins that humans were at this very beach at just the right time. This is what true humans were meant to do. Save lives, when it is within their power to do so.
2012-03-09 12:26:371,646
B^)55.Hi Res HD Earth
Your gonna need a lot of bandwith for this
2012-01-27 13:57:491,573
Again this deserves the "beauty" category, because it is a thing of beauty to see that the people have the power. There still must be vigilance, as you know how bills are passed on the SNEAK, like the NDAA...
2012-01-21 15:06:521,400
B^)57.Fireworks Special EFX, and Sports - Enjoy
Sometimes you just gotta get creative and have some fun with it.
2011-07-04 13:27:112,298
B^)58.Take Just 3 Minutes Out of Your Day and Relax...
From, El Teide, Spain's highest mountain.
2011-04-18 13:03:032,149
B^)59.This young man is going to be a great father someday
Rescued baby humming bird.
2010-11-11 01:16:521,592
B^)60.Bubble popping caught on high speed camera
2010-01-01 22:37:452,400
B^)61.Why I haven't written
For the Girls...
2009-12-27 01:56:451,884
B^)62.Amazing Animated Christmas Card
Click on the bird....
2009-12-20 07:35:352,114