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B^)1.Bidens response 35 yrs ago to Bush's SOTU
When he still had a functional brain cell
2024-03-12 07:15:08154
B^)2.Tulsi Gabbard at CPAC
You know it's gonna be good
2024-02-27 23:00:3217
B^)3.Music of the Sunflower
2024-01-24 09:21:5349
B^)4.Damon Imani at it again
Takes on the WHO
2024-01-24 09:18:1634
B^)5.Imani at it again. Takes on kamala
And the view. I love this guy
2024-01-23 12:49:0918
B^)6.Wow! The WEF event in Davos are clearly afraid of Trump
That is eye opening
2024-01-23 06:59:3713
B^)7.Mycelium networks create the internet for tree talk
Yup. Mushrooms assist trees to communicate, thrive, heal
2024-01-23 06:43:0714
B^)8.Imani is still at it
Guess Davos crowd can't get enough
2024-01-19 06:45:3430
B^)9.He's still at it
Sticking it to Davos
2024-01-19 06:41:3238
B^)10.They make him apologize to the Davos crowd
2024-01-19 06:37:4227
B^)11.Another one from Argentina sticks to the Davos crowd
Elon wants all to listen
2024-01-19 06:15:2126
B^)12.Sticking it to the Davos crowd
Sticking it to the Davos crowd
2024-01-19 06:07:3525
B^)13.Elephant returns child's shoe
Almost causes me to cry
2024-01-17 06:47:4428
B^)14.Damon Imani new to the WEF tells Klaus Schwab and the WEF minions
To go F--- theirselves. Ha Ha Ha
2024-01-17 06:14:2528
B^)15.Trump poked the eye of the WEF
I did not know that. He totally demolished their agenda, and they were not happy. This is why he and his family have so viciously been attacked on every front they can think of. These people are not human
2024-01-17 06:06:4832
B^)16."Biden will not get any better. Trump governed responsibly"
Clearly said
2024-01-11 21:18:2225
B^)17.The German people are fed up with the govt lies
Their farming protest is growing in Europe. We do not have to put up with the chronic lying. Do you know Washington, DC is the most governmental psychopathic system! Update: Bikers joining protest
2024-01-08 04:40:1852
B^)18.A song for the times we live in
We are paying for them to abuse us
2024-01-08 04:23:3240
B^)19.Mercedes Schlap is not having it with that demented psychopath Biden
Put in "beauty" category because what she says is so on point
2024-01-07 01:14:4727
B^)20.These words are so clear
Describing what we are facing
2024-01-04 14:30:2937
B^)21.Beauty of the exposure if DEI
At Disney
2024-01-01 18:15:4051
B^)22.Father defends not sending his daughter to war for the corrupt Elites
1.4 million views so far
2023-12-31 21:44:4930
B^)23.My All Time Favorite Synchronized Christmas Lights to "Wizards in Winter"
If you ever have a chance to go to a "Trans Siberian Orchestra" concert go. It is incredible
2023-12-22 22:51:1831
B^)24.this is the type of stuff we need to show aliens to prove we aren't a bunch sh__ for brains´╗┐
This is who we truly are without Dogma. The Title is a comment of the viewers of this. 65,000 in unison. Imagine how we could transform this world by setting aside Dogma's that only divide.
2017-10-27 13:01:091,503
B^)25.MSM won't shou you this
MSM won't shou you this. The real message starts at 8:25 minutes
2017-06-26 15:10:261,505