Crop Circles now have a New Image

We are starting a new category here at Divine Dominoes for the Crop Circle phenomena. Mainly because they are more than just circles. They exhibit progressive patterning in some cases. The category "epic" = Earth's Plant Icon Chronicles...Read on...

[I sent the report I created on the crop image makers and told him what

I thought the message might be and asked his opinion, because he is

well acquainted with paranormal phenomena and has Ph.D in

paranormal psychology. Well he asked me why him. Below is my

response. I share this because it is part of the journey and a metaphor

of all of our journey's]


Hi L_______,

I like to do a reality check.
This is not a common experience for me.
It may even be my first experience with this.

I am receiving more information which is expanding
this foundation that I have just started with.

I was wondering what you thought about this
specifically - it stands on it's own.  I think it is about
getting a message through that circumvents the
news blackouts in a graphically symbolic language.
The challenge is figuring out what those symbols mean
and how does that information affect of inform us.

I have more questions than answers on what I
think may be the messages in these crop images.

So I understand this may not be your bailiwick, and
I am having an argument that this is not my bailiwick either.
Last night I remember thinking this every time I woke up during the night:
I keep having an argument with myself and I keep loosing.

I had a conversation with M____ about a new insight I had on
these circle images today, then I went in the shower I
began receiving more information on what this whole thing may
be wholly about. I got out of the shower and began having an
argument that this is not my thing. My thing is the Bio-Mats.
I am good at this Bio-Mat business. These circle images are not
my area of expertise and not something I have studied for years.
I had more reason's why this is not my path. Well I lost that argument
Every reason I had as to why this is not my path, had a solution.
Before I could set the conditions for me to move forward, additional
solutions were indicated. Now the ball so to speak is in my park.

Regardless any thoughts you might have are appreciated.

Faith Dominoe




I prefer to refer to the Crop Circles after understanding that a patterned message is being presented,as a message from “Crop Circle Image Makers.” One reason is because they are no longer just circles and there are reasons for that. Of course I am telling everyone that this is simply “speculation,” and none of what seems to be a pattern to me, might just be like the people who see rocks instead of creatures from the Mars pictures. Some people do not have the ability to see beyond the rocks. It is just not in their brain makeup. So far everyone to whom I have shared this pattern theory in the crop images, understands the point I am making. Again, remember it is all speculation, I am no expert. I just believe there is a message that is needing to be expressed.


Rather than create a whole new website, get a domain name, it is much easier to just create a new category here. So I began by going to and looking up the words: crop, circle and image.

I did not limit it to just the words, I also looked at the synonyms, and antonyms, etc., because this is all a metaphor and looking outside the boxed quadrant can add to discovery and insight. Below are the words that I chose from the thesaurus search to be applicable from the whole picture metaphor of the crop images.


CROP: plant, direct, look after, sow, reap, chisel, dissect, facet, intersect, lay open, level, mow, mow down, notch, part, separate, cultivate, prepare, seed, till, lower, lengthen, gleaning, output, produce, yield, extract, glean, [Isnt' it interesting that all of these words are applicable to the actual creation and results of the crop images.]


CIRCLE: band, circlet, circuit, circumference, coil, compass, corona, cycle, disc, elliptic, enclosure, globe, horizon, orbit, perimeter, periphery, record, revolution, ring, round, sphere, vortex, curve, encircle, enclose, encompass, loop, round, spiral, surround, whirl, columnar, conical, cylindrical, oval, ringed, rotating, round, spherical, association, federation, foundation, bunch, combination, cooperation, crew, fellowship, order, partnership, tie-in, union, bond, cable, chain, circuit, cord, hoop, line, angle away, angle off, arch, bow, curl, double, incline, center, emotions, inside, soul, spirit [A lot of direct meaning of circle and metaphorical meaning of circle here]


IMAGE: carved figure, copy, dead ringer, figure, form, icon, illustration, likeness, match, picture, portrait, reflection, replica, reproduction, character, feature, figure, form, outline, presenced, shape, stamp, design, envisage, originate, ponder, produce, project, purpose, realize, ruminate, speculate, visualize, explanation, impression, inkling, interpretation, mental grasp, notion, archetype, clone, facsimile, hard copy, impression, imprint, mirror, model, parallel, pattern, reflection, detail, illustrate, interpret, narrate, portray, represent, reproduce, sculpt, illustration, […]


So next I went back through all 3 categories and pulled out words that seemed to me to be concise representations of the event of creating the crop images.


I came up with this: Plant Icon Crew – then I typed the acronym - PIC

I sat at my computer stunned. It describes exactly the “what,” without any specific “egoic” delineation. That is exactly what I realized I wanted after I came up with Plant Icon Crew. No one can claim creation of a “TRUE” crop image. They belong to no one specifically, and to everyone on Earth because it is a collective event.


Well next since “PIC” is also an abbreviation of “picture” I looked for the best word that could describe what the crop image pictures represent.


Picture: blueprint,


Again I sat at my computer stunned. I also thought, what “blueprint” are these crop images attempting to convey to us??? I really don't know. Greater minds than mine can figure that out. My job is to share the patterns I recognize, put it out there, and hopefully you will be inspired to see what patterns you can recognize. If a collective of minds that understands patterns and cryptic messages start working on this, who knows what we may discover!!


Then I began to think about needing more than just PIC for the new category here on, because PIC was too general. I thought E-PIC. E could be for “electronic” or “Earth.” Electronic because that is how many internet terms are abbreviated and I wanted to share this information through the venue of the E-Verse on the internet. Earth because these images belong to Earth, we are a part of the Earth experience, and this is also a world wide collective experience, thanks to the internet, and the images that people share of these images via the internet and various websites. A great big thank you to all who share your image discoveries.


Yes I know you see it “epic.” You guessed it. I had to dictionary the word “epic.”


EPIC: legend, narrative, saga, account, annals, diary, journal, memoirs, narration, record, report, story, composition, creation, ode, chronicle, allegory, description, information, narration, sequel, vast


Epic metaphorically defines this crop circle image journey, doesn't it!


So this is what the EPIC category means: Earth's Plant Icon Chronicles.


Well I had to question myself on that - as to if this was the best word to perhaps capture the attention of those who come to this website. Is that the best word category to make people curious enough to select that category?So I let that simmer for a couple of days. I also came up with PICT: Plant Icon Chronicles of Terra. I am a visual person so I have to literally see things. I put EPIC and PICT side by side and decided that EPIC would inspire from a curious nature, to those who visit this website, to select EPIC, because hopefully people would want to know what the EPIC category was about.


Next I had to create a symbol and I tried several different configurations:


>||< )~%~( ~>%<~ ~<%>~ ~)%(~ (~)||(~) ~X~ (~)8(~) )~=~( {(O)} ({O}) (8@8)


I chose ({O}) this one because the center has a circle, the symbol on either side of the circle is similar to the crop image that looks like the 6 birds going in opposite directions in one crop image, and it also looks like a continuing wave (great metaphor because the crop images just keep coming) and then the parenthesis, Well I don't really know why – they just seem like the appropriate symbol to complete the emoticon.


Now why have I shared all of this. Because it is about the collective journey. I had to effort to put this presentation together – explain what I think these images might mean. Figure out the category for the website. The metaphor is that we might be presented with some interesting information from a non-local source, and yet still have to put effort into completing the journey.

We may even have arguments about the event. Well I lost that argument and here I am sharing this metaphorical journey for some reason. The filter everyone need to use everyday of their life in all of their decisions is this – Does it cause any harm?


The only reason I put a copyright on the presentation is because the idea came to me. I can't claim the idea is mine. I can claim I am presenting the idea as an original thought from me provided by some non local source. Who or what that source is - is not really important. The fact that I am presenting it is not even important. However, in the Earth experience, there are some protocols that are necessary. Actually it is a copyright for the Crop Circle Image Makers, as they put the images down for this Earthly journey. They are the authors of the true original images.


You might also ask why this is my journey. I asked myself that questions and it is because I am good at personal patterns identification or habit recognition. It is something I am naturally good at, after years of watching Oprah and Dr. Phil, reading books to figure out my own behavioral patterning, so I could change it. I am also multi-creative in that I learned to decorate cakes, paint water in watercolor, sew clothes from patterns, embroider, graphic design, crochet, jewelry making. I also have a variety of interests, read books, studied things on my own that really stretch the boxed quadrant experience and challenge it. I have also learned some interesting things beyond my college education of my B.A., that are patterns in images from the Renaissance painters who knew some things. So for some reason recognizing patterns in several different fields and the variety of creative creations I have studied and learned has somehow combined to assist in opening up a new understanding of what the Crop Circle Image Makers might want us to know.


What is your journey, that causes no harm and ends needless suffering?


Faith Dominoe


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