5||76.Kansas will arrest Feds who violate Kansas Laws and US Constituition
Then NSA Whistleblower, Thomas Drake explains what is at stake for the USA, if States do not limit the Fed.
2013-06-20 13:21:04702
5||77.Bernie Madoff is at the Hub of the Biggest Conspiracy
the world has ever known...If my Dad was alive, he would say "I'm spittin' nails."
2013-04-14 13:47:081,199
5||78.The Matrix Explained
Set aside your egoic projection and just listen. This is excellent. No matter what you may think about the rest of his information - this is an excellent presentation of this false experience that has been manipulated by those who are psychopaths!!!
2013-04-06 16:45:34791
5||79.Femen Stages a 'Topless Jihad' across Europe
"Last month, Amina Tyler posted naked images of herself online, with the words "I own my body; it's not the source of anyone's honor" written on her bare chest...Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice," reportedly called for Tyler to be stoned to death." Another example of those non-empathetic psychopaths.
2013-04-05 14:18:59873
5||80.Open Letter to the Galactics
I am rather tired of this non-interference thing too. We need interference. The Dark Side are psychopaths and the Light Side are not. For a non-psychopath - it is hard to fight such unrelenting darkness.
2013-04-05 11:47:19732
5||81.Strange Secret Service Dude
This is creeeeepy
2013-03-24 15:27:30638
5||82.Fascism on the Move in the USA
"Throughout history, curfews do not mark open, free and democratic societies, but instead the twisted, cancerous system that is Fascism. The entire notion of a curfew enforced by armed “officers” is something that instantly brings to mind the Jewish curfews put in place by Nazi Germany in 1939."
2013-03-13 16:38:37916
5||83.WWIII is Economic - Watch this Video and Weap
People of the USA cannot wake up because it means having to take a journey to the Dark Side to understand the Dark Side. Rest assure you can take that journey and not turn to the Dark Side - I've done it. Now we endeavor to inform you of what you are not willing to look at. You need to know these things...
2013-03-11 01:17:17930
5||84.More Diabolical Already Executed Agenda to Destroy America!
"In 1958, W. Cleon Skousen published a book exposing the history and goals of Communism. In his book titled The Naked Communist, he laid out the 45 goals of the Communist Party USA wanted to achieve in order to destroy American Society and its Constitutional form of Government. Amazingly in the 50 years since publishing, these goals to overthrow America have nearly all been achieved! We are seeing today at an ever faster rate the transformation of America from a Free Republic into a Socialist/ Communist Society." Source:
2013-03-10 15:02:02741
5||85.Marxism on the Move in America
Retired Lt. Gen. W.G. Boykin reveals how it is being orchestrated right under our noses. Wake UP America!!! Also an expose by the push to bring Shariah Law to replace the Constitution!!!
2013-03-10 14:57:391,011
5||86.Brave Mother Exposes Real Reason for School Tragedy's
If you speak against the school district - your kids are drugged by the school district, with psychotropic drugs!!!
2013-03-06 18:27:46904
5||87.OMG! OMG! This is so Diabolical
I heard rumors that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Apparently there is a very sinister agenda here - especially when Wolf Blitzer of CNN is snookered by an actor. Watch and sh__ your pants on this one.
2013-03-06 18:06:42695
5||88.If this does not get your Blood Boiling
Then you are brain dead - which is the goal - listen and learn - and take back control of your life.
2013-03-01 15:21:15913
5||89.The Drone Controversy
Coming to a city you live in....
2013-02-17 04:01:151,153
5||90.Piers Morgan is so outted
It is so easy to take one number and make it the number. Turns out Great Britian has the 2nd highest crime rate in the EU and rated the most violent country in the EU. FBI stats: 466 violent crimes per 100,000 in USA! GB: 2,034 per 100,000! Hmmm so GB is a much more violent country, yet the USA is #1 for gun ownershp.
2013-01-15 14:05:16733
5||91.Obama's Forged ID's to be heard by the Full Suprene Court
Breaking News: Jan 9. 2013, Chief Justice John Roberts schedules the guess who? It takes a Woman....
2013-01-10 14:12:10796
An excellent expose by Alfred Webre on solutions for global transformation. He revealed things I know and I am surprised he revealed how we have been interfered with by some nefarious characters - Not of the Earth! Listen to the archive of this interview...
2013-01-10 13:43:22978
5||93.Anonymous Shuts down FBI
Well now. Lookey here what Anonymous can do....
2013-01-10 13:34:20982
5||94.Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan on the issue of Guns
I heard Alex pointing out information that is far beyond the damage that guns contribute to death rates and Piers refused to discuss those issues. Piers Morgan has no business saying what he thinks we need to do here in the USA.
2013-01-09 20:26:27986
5||95.Bilderberger Elite Angry over Constant Exposure [in Europe]
Sooo...Where will they hold their 2013 annual meeting? "Returning to America in 2012, Bilderberg were able to rely on tighter security and a compliant media that virtually blacklisted their presence." Read on....
2013-01-05 10:53:34924
5||96.Brits Warn US- Don't Give Up Your Guns
"It will be very soon. Their game is coming to a close and they know they are screwed if they can't disarm the American people. They need a compliant docile population...
2013-01-03 12:47:45965
5||97."This Show is a Crusade Against the Main Stream Media...
because I think it is important to rethink the establishment narrative." Abbey Martin of Breaking the Set. It takes a woman!!!
2013-01-02 14:08:21952
5||98.Uh! Oh! Oliver Stone Exposing nefarious USA policies
Nuf said. Oh - he now has a new TV series on Showtime. Bravo Showtime! This deserves the 5th Column category.
2013-01-02 13:59:48960
5||99.The Plan to Shatter the Civilization of Fear
Join us with our very special guest Daniel Deeter who just returned from an 18 day trip to the Mayan Pyramids along with Foster Gamble of Thrive and many others.
2013-01-01 06:58:45784
5||100.The End of the Civilization of Fear!
All fear needs forgiveness. It's a practice called Fearless Forgiveness. We choose our future despite what the Elite believe they have planned for the rest of us. When there is no fear there is no power taken from us. That is what the elite fear most - is that we will figure this out.
2012-12-31 07:10:551,028
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