Measles vaccine. No one died when we got the Measles

We expected to get measles, mumps, chicken pox. It was just part of the growing up process. There are childhood diseases that simply don not kill. It is more likely that you will become more ill than you ever imagined if you get a current vaccine. Read the letter in response to this video.

Hi Dix,
I watched the show. Interesting that Carol was discussing,  passionately,  regarding vaccines. That same day I was upset about the Mercury being forced on our children. As well as our selves.  The controversial energy surrounding the vaccine debate must of bit me. I have been thinking of composing a letter for the local newspaper. The point Carol made about all of you having the measles as children but still being alive was important. And profound if you think of vaccines within the context of the fear factor. To large pharmaceutical corporations, like Lilly, fear is very good for business. We can fight the movement of "fear for profit", as I like to call it. By remembering our childhoods and reminding others of theirs., ask them how many vaccines did they have before they were five. I remember getting the measles.  No it wasn't a pleasant experience, but we didn't loose a child in my neighborhood or in my school.
Mumps can effect boys sterility if it goes down on them. I remember my parents stressing that point to my brother. He was to rest and stay in bed until there was no longer a fever.
I am on board with her opinion and I am thankful that she has a venue to share her ideas. Because what the government is doing is criminal. But we are the only ones who can stop them. By educating the public and taking a stand. Even if we have to go to jail. Drastic behavior calls for drastic measures. How far would most parents go to protect their children. We must be lions willing to roar. Not sheep led to the slaughter.
Last I heard, the CDC announced that they have a vaccine for ebola. I will run for the hills if they try to stick that crap in me.
My doctor insist that I have a flu vaccine annually because I have Lupus. If I get an infection in my lungs, well, it could be real bad. I told her I would not take the vaccine due to the Mercury carrier in the stuff. She ordered the vaccine for me that has no mercury. She told be she could get it and legally administer to women who are pregnant, cancer patients, and to people with autoimmune disease. I fell into the last category. I asked her why it was illegal to give others the shots when they were obviously better for people. She said that it cost more to make, which cuts down on their profits.  It makes her angry.

Added with permission of letter writer.