God Particle - Discussion on Facebook missed the point

It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how we treat one another, regardless of belief. What true God has any interest in "proof?" What if there is no God, only creation? Then who are you going to brow beat to support your egoic agenda to be right?

The example below is NOT how you evolve to a higher state of being. Come on, grow up. No one needs more enemies. As long as there is no harm, let people believe what they want. Putting down another's beliefs only shows how small you are in your thinking. This type of thinking is why we are always at war with another gang, or another country, etc. No one wins. Let people have their journey. Belief does not harm. Reacting to a believe that you do not have, is your journey. Your reaction is a lesson for you to learn more about yourself. It is not a time to put other's down to feel superior. Putting someone's beliefs down is how you avoid your journey and taking that internal reality check. Question your own motives. Stop forcing other's to take "your" journey. Let them have their journey. Question your own journey. Who is harmed by your putting down of others belief? Grow up. Get a Life and pay attention to your own journey and leave others alone and don't find a group to support your superior egoic agenda. Find a group to help you understand why you need a "superior egoic agenda," if you can't figure it out on your own. Learn to understand your own motives. Here's a hint: You either demonstrate love or fear - there is no other choice. Showing a superior egoic agenda is not Love - then it must be from fear. Ask yourself what are you afraid of. As you move through the layers of your fears - you will learn much about yourself. Then anything that brings up fear - needs forgiveness. Then you can start practicing "Fearless Forgiveness." Anything that is not from Love, needs forgiveness. That is how you change the world for the better. Look at your stuff, deal with it, leave others alone, forgive the fear, change the world.