Two little Psychopaths creating a scheme

You cover my butt and I will make your life a dream. Your lesson begins. Learn how to recognize the Pschopaths, and more importantly learn to recognize the Psycopathic Systems they create. It exists in governments, politics, medicine and more. 1 in 100 is a natural psychopath, so you will encounter them and their systems several times during your life.

After listening to and being surprised by the Hannity interview of Mr. Trump and Mr. Trump used the word "rape" in connection with Bill Clinton, (it is in the 3rd video below) I was not surprised. I was however, surprised to learn of Juanita Brodderick who never told her story. After listening to her interview - many things make sense to me because I have been studying "psychopaths, and their more hidden psychopathic systems" for over a year now it became clear how these 2 work and have created a psychopathic system that they are obviously very comfortable with and have operated within for at least the duration of their marriage. I then wrote the following prose...Faith Dominoe

2 little psychopaths creating a scheme

You cover my butt and I will make your life a dream.

We'll will plunder and pillage with out any remorse

We can keep hidden our agenda though any course

With the Vampire as a metaphor for our psycho mind

We are loyal to no one, leaving all behind

We pretend to be your best friend,

We will suck the life right out of you in the end

We leave a path of devastation for you to repair

Few will believe you cause we are a great pair

Who threaten, blackmail and destroy

Your life as though it were a breakable toy

You have no value to us, other than what we can take

All of our befriending is fake,

That serves our animal nature which renders and shreds

Your life to pieces leaving you emotionally dead

Your demise is our goal, as we are 1 in each 100

and we create systems to maintain our system of dread

You can't win so don't try

Our minds are hardened and here is the reason why

We are the apex predator of the human race

and unless you are like us, you can't keep up the pace.

Faith Dominoe, The Enlightened Psychopath