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National Liberty Alliance has made considerable and exciting progress to end the corrupt “kangaroo” [admiralty] court system and replace it with an honest Common Law Grand Juries in all 50 states. [Gold Fringe around Flag indicates Admiralty Law - notice the flags behind the President and also in Court TV shows!!!] now has over 4,000 members and is rapidly growing as more and more people who value our “unalienable” common law Rights, from all walks of life have joined together to help restore our Republic from the hands of the cabal.  This has included the recent filing of several very important & powerful documents that are definitely helping us achieve our goal.  This most recent document, PDF attached below that needs to be signed by over a million people, will have an even more powerful impact upon all of the corrupt judges, lawyers and other officials who have manipulated & controlled the system up until now. It is not a petition, but a COMMAND and only needs people's signature and county. Not necessary to print your name. Be sure to put county and NOT country. It is also NOT an online signature gatherer and requires print out and has plenty of room for your friends and family to sign it. 

As a National Common Law Grand Jury, we have reviewed a few cases of people unlawfully being thrown in jail, and even though we cannot “prove” that our actions caused these individuals to be released within hours or a few days after our verdict, we know there was no “coincidence. The officials are “freaking out” and starting to “take us seriously” that the common law grand jury definitely does have “Constitutional Authority” over the corrupt maritime-admiralty courts. For as ‘We the People’ take action, this gives our “Friends Upstairs” Mandated Authority to help us succeed where it has been “impossible” before now.  So please help share this email with as many other people as you can, as we help get over a million signatures.