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Psychopathic Medicine Today on "The View" about Measles

Discussion about measles vaccine. The Doctor on The View said "but then there was all the damage that was done years ago. when there was some bad science out there that raised some concerns about vaccines..." Hmmm. So this is bad science??? "Dr. Suzanne Humphries, ... parents need to get informed before subjecting their children to vaccines that can potentially cause serious harm or even death. Read on...

OMG!! Whoopie said it is not up to the parents to make this decision to not vaccinate their children.

It is not up to the Psychopathic Systems to make that decision for parents who are informed about all of the toxic elements in the vaccinations, nor is it up to the President either. You are making ignorant statements and we have the freedom to not support your ignorance.

Faith Dominoe



Get informed and learn:

The 3rd Video reveals that getting measles and getting over it, is an anti-cancer agent. Possible that all of these childhood cancers could be because of the the measles vaccinations, which suppress the body to make natural anti-bodies...