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Psychopathic Systems - Some Earkmarks

Insight and Guide to recognizing Psychopathic Systems. Notes from lecture by Thomas Sheridan below see: "Psychopaths - This is why the world does not make sense."

Loose the fear and see them for how absurd they really are below and that's what takes them down. Not the Fear

They hate the fact that deep down inside we all know that we have a higher sense of ourselves that they will never have. They can never come to that level and strive to bring us to theirs. They do it with art, architecture, city layouts, bland empty boxes that kill your soul, because that is what psychopaths feel like inside. We don't feel like that.

School has become an advertising agency, that makes you think that  society is fine just the way it is.

The Guillotine was created to attack the head because that is a reflection of what the psychopath is lacking.

Obsessed with consensus, conformity. Consensus is not the truth - it just means that some people got together and agreed on something.

Political Mass Movements are Doomed to infiltration/Failure because they are magnets for psychopathic infiltrators who spin them and take them back to the psychopathic agenda.

Proof: All Revolutions have been taken over and will not work. The true Revolution takes place within yourself, a sort of psychological sovereignty inside yourself, you will find that will attract people to you that are just like you. It is like a chain reaction. You attract the best qualities of others to you.

The most dangerous person is the person who is the pawn and can step off the chess board - that's how you win.

The Ultimate revolutionary act is to fire an original idea. The Psychopaths know that if your realized you are strong in yourself and believe in yourself - it spreads to others like a virus.

The revolutions come from the "underground" from the artists and poets, musicians.

Don't try to wake people up - the will wake up when they are ready. Our job is not to be a crusader or revolutionary - our job it to work on our own mind and find like minded people who are open like you are.

If you are not willing to build your own mind circuits - they will build them for you - that is what the news is for - to convince you that you have no power.

Psychopaths do not want you becoming self aware.

Attack the women more than the men through women's magazines because the  psychopath know that the woman's intuition is more active than the men's. Attempting to turn them into materialistic bling collections.

Newspaper headlines pull you in and you remember them as truth - yet the article is in-congruent with the headline.

Saturated fats build brain cells - this is why low fat foods are promoted. Be a meat head - the fat helps your electrical brain circuits work better.

Learn to use your intuition. Once the psychopath realizes you are on to them, they leave you alone.

Society's collective ignorance of the psychopath has been a major mainly hidden personal and social disaster - making us easy prey for their predatory behavior psychologically and financially...Your job is to acquire this knowledge of what psychopaths are, how they function and then get away and get on with your life. That's it. Checkmate - your off the Chessboard and they can't play with you anymore