The US Constituition is a "thoughtful" docment not a "feeling" docment

Found an interesting message on FB expressing that the Freedoms given us in the US Constitution - "feels" that authority is to be questioned...The US Constituition was written from thought not feelings...Faith Dominoe

FB post:

The freedoms that have been written into the constitution give us the right, privilege, and responsiblitiy to question authority when I feel it is in error.

My reply:

What you "feel" is irrelevant. The US Constituition was not written for your "feelings." It was written from "thought, not feeling." People are mixing up what they feel as thought. Separate your feelings from what you think and you will learn much about your own internal process. Too many are acting out from feeling and cannot even express any measure of clear thinking on issues. Then they take a word and project it into a statement and totally change the statement to fit their Dogma. We need thoughtful people expressing what they think, not what they feel, and setting aside Dogma that creates a false filter of the experience. Setting aside Dogma is not easy. It takes awareness that Dogma has taken over, pulled you into a non-thinking state and into an emotionally reactive state. Imagine the chaos that could have been created had the US Constituition not been a "thoughtful" document. We need to be thankful that the framers of the US Constitution were able to check their Dogma at the door and get the job done. Once you understand your own Dogma filter you will be able to spot those who express from "feelings" and those who express from "thought."

Faith Dominoe

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