Lives Saved - Tragedy Avoided - Part 1: TCoF

Lives Saved - Tragedy Avoided

I received this note in a Christmas Card from my Aunt E...
FYI: We always travel about 2.5 hours to spend Christmas Day with this family. They are my immediate family of 8. On Chistmas Day there are about 20 of us that gather.

Her note: "Family and Friends,
I'm taking this time of year to assess what happened to my family and me. Thankful is the first feeling that comes to mind. It is even more than my mind; it is my heart and soul. From Mexico to my return home, I felt the love and support of my family and friends. I don't think that I knew my life was at risk until the doctor in Houston translated the Spanish report. I guess the reason that I have not attempted this letter sooner was due to the fact I start to cry. I'm thankful for my family being whole and well; they were so brave and strong. They are my life and the reason to survive and be strong. It would take pages to list what they did for me. My friends were there for me when I needed them the most. Direct contact started in Houston and continues today. I attempted thank you cards but it seems so small. It was all the love and caring that came with the flowers, gifts, and cards that made me strong. My family was with me throughout this adventure. I always knew they were. Love to all, E."

Now what would your response be to such a note?

Of course I had to re-read the message and this is what popped out at me, "my life was at risk," - "doctor in Houston translated the Spanish report." - "they were so brave and strong" - "it would take pages to list what they did for me." -

Well this note was quite ambiguous, So I immediately phone Aunt E., saying I got the note and it was a bit ambiguous, and I was wondering what this was all about. After 2 days of no phone call back, I called my cousins, and spoke to the spouse, telling them I received this ambiguous note and wondered if they could tell me what this was about.

The spouse told me that to talk about it almost makes them cry again. Of course I asked what happened. My Aunt, Uncle, their 2 daughters, and spouses, and 2 children of my cousin were all in a van in Cancun, Mexico on the way back from vacation, to the airport, when a wheel in the van blue and the van rolled 6 times. What would your response be to such shocking news? I asked how were they all doing, and how recovered are they, and when did this happen. They were all recovered and O.K. The spouse told me that my Aunt E. almost died. She was the only one not wearing the seat belt.

She had switched with her granddaughter because the belt on the granddaughters seat was not catching. My Aunt E ended up with 10 broken ribs, 2 punctured lungs, and about 3 breaks in her upper leg. My Aunt spent 2 weeks in a hospital in Mexico, which fortunately was only 10 minutes away from the crash site. She was flown out of Mexico to a hospital in Texas for 2 more weeks, then flown to her hometown and spent 1 more month in the hospital. She is quite recovered and only lost 1 finger. Amazing wouldn't you agree? Fortunately she was kept upright in a sitting position, had my uncle and cousin-in-law laid her down, she would have drowned to death due to the blood filling her lungs. Amazing wouldn't you agree?

Now what would your response be to such news?

I learned of this when I phoned on December 21, 2009. I asked when did this event occur. April 2009. Whaaatt!!!

I ask you again, what would your response be?

There was the potential to loose 8 family members in "one fell swoop."
Ponder on that.

That is it for now. I will continue this later...
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