The False Collective Illusion of Self-Exhile

Your dreams of self-exhile will not withstand the call to wake...

I have been in anguish over much of the news
and feeling powerless to do much about the horrors taking place,
on Earth today and over the last decades of my life.
Even though I have sources that indicate things
are much changed 300 years from now - it is very painful to
know that now is rather distressing, and those that do not understand
that God is not a war monger-er and has no investment in the dirt,
because God has no need of the dirt of Earth, are causing needless suffering,
cannot run nor hide from the ultimate truth...

This is from A Course in Miracles, The Text Page 250, P 3 & 4 in my edition.

"It is not possible to exempt yourself from what God wants to teach you.
...even the darkest nightmare that disturbs the mind of God's sleeping children,
holds no power over them. God's children will learn the lesson of awakening.

Can a child of God lose theirself in dreams, when God has placed within them
the glad call to waken and be glad? No matter what a child of God does
to dismiss theirself from God's love, his false dreams of self-exhile, cannot
separate his/her self from the call to waken that is within. Your dreams
of self-exhile will not withstand the call to wake."

Wow - does that not take the pressure off to make a difference. It is not
up to me - it is not my job - The die is cast - the mold is unchangeable -
God has already put in place the result that is unyielding.

Imagine that is applicable to any past events or future events, in any
dimensions of time and space. There is no past or future that God
has not already solidified to a certain result.

If you watch/study much of History - (what is not History) that keeps you
locked into a false illusion of a collective self-exhile.  Hmmm....
How is anyone served by keeping them selves locking into a false
collective illusion of self-exhile from God's love?

I have a confession: This is not the exact quote - I changed it a bit for those
who may not know you must distinguish the literal from the metaphor
in ACIM. I believe I have maintained the essence of the message.

Well those are my thoughts today and I just had to share it.

Faith Dominoe