What if all our actions creates unity world wide?

One song many nations. Watching got to me to thinking. What if every person on Earth created something that does no harm and provides world wide harmony? I know this is the core of who we really truly are. It is the politicians, who are invested in keeping us separated. Why? Because they are socioopaths...

Why have we allowed ourselves to be dominated by these sociopaths? No wonder this world is such a mess.

As I watched this video - my eyes teared up. I had the realization that no matter the country or beliefs you carry, this song has a universal unifying effect. You see it on the faces of the singers and the passengers. This takes place in Budapest, Hungary. It is a beautiful moment and I felt it, even though it was not in real time. What a metaphor. Great events do not need to be in real time to have an effect. We can all create great events that anyone can experience.

The Powers controlling our politicians also know that and have perverted it to creating more and more layers of separation with war. Everyone should just say "NO."  No to no more ruling sociopaths!

What universal uniting, amazingly wonderful experience can you create today?