U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens

"Iranian news agency says." I'm kinda on board with this. As much as our government lies to us, and uses unfettered nincompoops to administer justice. Makes sense to me.

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2014/01/13/iranian-news-agency-says-the-u-s-is-secretly-run-by-nazi-space-aliens-really/

Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens

By Max Fisher

Iran's semi-official news outlets have something of a reputation for taking conspiracy theorism to the next level. They've written on Israel's secret plans to annex Iraq, the conspiracy by Western media to fabricate quotes by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemning the Holocaust and the secret Jewishness of the British royal family. You may notice a certain theme here.

On Sunday, the hard-line semi-official Fars News dropped one of its biggest bombshells yet: The United States government has been secretly run by a "shadow government" of space aliens since 1945. Yes, space aliens. The alien government is based out of Nevada and had previously run Nazi Germany. It adds, for timeliness, that the controversial NSA programs are actually a tool for the aliens to hide their presence on Earth and their secret agenda for global domination. This is all asserted as incontrovertible fact with no caveats.

There are so many wonderful details here. As proof that aliens were secretly behind the Nazis, the report explains that Germany built hundreds of submarines toward the end of the war, far more than would have been possible with mere human technology. It does not explain why aliens with access to interstellar travel built subs that were so grossly incapable against the British navy, or why all-powerful extraterrestrials were unable to help the Nazis resist an invasion by Allied forces that are mere cavemen relative to their own technology. So far, these are pretty unimpressive aliens.

In any case, after losing the war, the aliens apparently installed themselves as the secret force behind the United States government. President Obama is said to be a tool of the aliens, though anti-alien factions within the U.S. government are fighting to topple him. Their present aim is to install a global surveillance system that will, somehow, allow them to finally impose a one-world government and enslave humanity.

The best part to all this, to me, is the sourcing. Fars News takes us through a veritable hall-of-mirrors of sources "confirming" their scoop. The progenitor of it all, of course, is ostensibly NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who has waited until now to reveal that the real reason for all those NSA programs is aliens. As best I can tell, Fars claims that Snowden gave this information to Russia's Federal Security Service  (FSB). They also say it was independently confirmed by former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer. (Hellyer, who is 90, does indeed argue that aliens have visited Earth many times, though I haven't seen him comment on this particular story.) The FSB, they say, put all this information down in a secret report, which was inexplicably obtained by the ultra-fringe conspiracy theory Web site, Whatdoesitmean.com.

Yes, this story is highly entertaining, as are many of the bizarre conspiracy theories proposed by official or semi-official news agencies in authoritarian states. But there's also a more serious undercurrent here. A worldview that sees the U.S. as an evil hegemonic force so irrationally driven toward global domination that it must be run by space aliens is not a worldview that is predisposed toward negotiation or accommodation. It's one that justified, or perhaps even necessitates, total resistance and a refusal to compromise. To be clear, this does not appear to be the present view of the Iranian president; the ongoing and highly public friction between Rouhani's moderate-minded camp and Fars is proof enough of that. But the fact that there are people anywhere within the Iranian system sympathetic enough to this viewpoint to let through an article like this is a reminder of how some hard-liners see the world.

[These are the most informed and enlightened comments I have ever seen]

Comments by readers of the above article...

"Why is it bad if the Iranians are "hard liners" but not if it's Americans? It's not as if Iran is constantly seeking to impose its will on the rest of the world, whereas we have hard evidence that America is. The NSA is merely a reflection of America's and the anglosphere in general' paranoia that they might lose their grip on global dominance."

"After all, the American intelligence and military communities availed themselves of Nazi scientists after WWII. It is well documented that Nazis were used to help develop our rockets. Of course you are unlikely to hear those inane "American Exceptionalists" admit this is true."

"I guess that means they've met Louie Gohmert or Michelle Bachmann, huh?"

"Let's see, you have the former Canadian Defense Minister, former President of Russia, week-long Citizens Disclosure Hearings in Washington DC last year, an astronaut and countless others discussing and confirming both the knowledge and presence of aliens on earth and rather than research this in relation to the Iran news agency article, Max Fisher finds all this "highly entertaining". If it wasn't so typical, I would be tempted to say that Max Fisher is "highly entertaining". Perhaps. But a journalist - no."

"Well said. If Mr. Fisher has down any research on the UFO subject, than his snarkasm is disingenuous. If he hasn't, then he has no business writing about the subject. 
Regardless of the accuracy of the Fars article, the UFO phenomenon and its coverup is deadly serious."

"That is news? Those within the beltway have known about what the above proclaims to be news since the mid-1950s. 
I suppose those non-Infidels can be viewed as slow... very slow... but steady."

[And now for my favorite comment]

"This is old news. What we really need to know is whether the Moth Man works for NSA or the CIA. 
West Virginians all know that their state has been a safe haven for space aliens for decades.  
We even elect them to office! 
The Iranians are always the last to know. Bless their furry little hearts."

"I must admit that your comment brought a huge grin to my face! And I thank-you for it. (heh) However, I must also admit to seeing a few UFO's myself in the past as well. BTW- Have you ever watched "The Disclosure Project" at all? If not, I would suggest viewing it. And after watching "The Disclosure Project" I feel its important to also watch the YouTube documentary called:"Ufo's Aliens Contact (Full Documentary).mp4" which is posted by MrRustedSoul. 
"Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance." - Albert Einstein"