Google's Driverless Car

There are no words. There just are no words. Hey, I know, maybe the FBI can GPS this and waste more of our taxpayer $$$.

"In a blog post, Google has revealed that seven retrofitted Priuses have been cruising around California without any drivers. Well, Google employees are behind the wheel in case something goes wrong. But these cars drive themselves! Google owns the future.

According to the New York Times, the cars have already driven more than 1,000 miles "without human intervention," up and down Highway 1 and have even navigated San Francisco's notoriously winding Lombard Street. The Priuses (Prii?) use cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder hooked up to artificial intelligence software to steer the rig, and data from Google Maps to navigate, according to the official Google blog.

Wow, what other awesome gadgets does Google have that it's not telling us about?"