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How to actually implement World Peace.

Brilliant post found on FB to implement World Peace.

Brilliant post found on FB - How to actually implement World Peace

I was thinking about how we might go about ending war. Sometimes I think we are a planet ruled by teenagers. We are not too mature.

With all the recent discussion about NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), it got me thinking. On the NATO website its says, "NATO is committed to the principle that an attack against one or several members is considered as an attack against all."

So, we don't we let every country join NATO? OK, so we might have to change the name. But if all countries joined, no country would be able to attack another country without every other country in the world attacking them. It would be AT, or "assured destruction."

We also have to address the problem of overt and covert actions. That means you just can't send in the CIA (or equivalent) and start training and inspiring revolutionaries. That would be considered an attack. That also means you cannot fund mercenaries, directly or indirectly. I know, the CIA would be bummed out. That is half their job.

Groups, independent of country perpetuating violence internationally would confront international retribution. This would include groups like ISIS, but also corporate shell companies which may or may not be state sponsored.

Countries should remain independent, and world police force would not be needed.

I am not sure any military base should be held by any country outside its borders and territories. The US has 800 military bases in over 70 countries. Lots of soldiers can come home.

Well, it is fun to dream of a better and more sane world. If you think about what I just said, it probably seems quite rational. I can tell you that such an approach would be deeply opposed. Think about who would oppose such an idea and why. This would certainly shake up the United States foreign policy, and others as well. But, I think it would be a better world, and we would be happier in the long run.