Toto's pulling back the Curtain and showing you what is going on

The Enlightened must not be afraid to pull back the curtain and really look at those who are manipulating behind the scenes. Once you know - you can choose to not pay the game. A psychopath will never ever tell you what they are really up to. It is up to you to look, then strive to understand that you now have the power to set yourself free.

Enlightened Psychopaths reveal the truth.


Come with us and step into our booth.


The secret is revealed to those whose mind has been excavated


Not being afraid to look because their own inner psychopath has been extracated.


We must all be “The Toto” and pull back the curtain,


Revealing to others a truth that is certain,


When truth is revealed there is nothing left to say


Because the metaphor of the blaring light of day


Reveals what the psychopath believes is hidden.


Their recruits continue the path which is well ridden,


By those before of long century's ago,


Whose agenda is nefarious supported by an insane ego.


To become enlightened to the psychopath within


You must not be afraid to admit the harm the insane mind keeps hidden with a grin,


Revealing to the Divine


Your insane mind


Transformation take place in that state of radical honesty,


Because you choose with grace and modesty


To change your behavior from causing harm


To one of a truth seeker without the need of any magical charm


Freeing the mind through forgiveness, not judging the need,


To forgive is the anti-dote of the psychopaths creed.


Forgiveness in the present undoes the past and releases the future


Releasing your attachment for things to be different, leaving no mind suture.


When your mind is disturbed and upset, no one is responsible but you,

Making a complaint of guilt or blame, is just mind poo.


Looking within, admitting the truth to yourself and the Divine,


Will not make your journey easy, it will allow you to align


With the true source of all things


That only the truth can bring.

Faith Dominoe, The Enlightened Psychopath

Watch and learn how the Psychopaths operate...