Jade Helm might be a preparation for an unusual eruption of Energy

where these energies might cause people to react very strange, who have previously not reacted strangely. There is time now to prepare for this possibly around September 15 to 17, 2015 or there abouts. A common symptom will be unusual sleep patterns, and needing more sleep during this time.



Below is a summary from someone who listened to this interview:

"Dr. Simon Atkins is a "professional predictor". He's so good that corporations hire him for his expertise in forecasting trends and events.
He is also well aware of the New World Order and their shenanigans, and factors that into his explanation of what we can expect.
As we know, there is currently a lot of activity in all sectors of this so-called reality we live in, and his theory ties in most of it, as well as acknowledging the evil controllers.
In this interview, he tells us an acute electro-magnetic wave will rush over the planet this summer which will alter the pressure field and that will affect all living things---including the Earth---causing volcanoes, earthquakes, and eruptions in the "human domain" as well.
He calls it an "Intergalactic Wave". He says it will also make 10 - 17% of us more than a little crazy as it disrupts our personal energy fields. He's talking "hallucinations". Some of us just won't be able to handle the change in Hz.
I mentioned that anyone who arbitrarily planned a military exercize in the Southwest USA in the hottest months of the year has to be off their nut. It's been 112 degrees F. in my yard for days now. When you walk outside it's like a blast furnace of hot wind---and I thank my lucky stars for that wind---and air conditioning.
I also mentioned that I feel like there's a pressure cooker building up and that there will soon be a messy explosion. Hopefully not mine! Maybe I'm feeling the uptick in frequency.
Research reveals that this area of America---the seven key states that define Jade Helm territory---are ALREADY under the influence of the Intergalactic Wave, and it's making people do crazy things.
The good doctor says this summer the population will be acting out, doing and saying things they wouldn't normally do in public, and it could lead to riots.
He says Jade Helm was rolled out here this summer to "practice" what they will need to do in September as the bulk of the wave will affect the rest of North America.
I really feel sorry for the military personnel who are deployed here this summer. It won't be fun. And they should have told us. It's not fair to you, or us.
Interesting that the government runs for the hills and tells us nothing, isn't it? The lamestream media doesn't breathe a word about volcanoes and earthquakes constantly rocking the planet or the fact they are expected to escalate in the coming months.
All the financial collapse stories, Jade Helm, martial law, the false flags---distractions.
He said the Yellowstone eruption claim is pure bunkum---but it sounds like we may have plenty on our plates this summer and fall, regardless.
Dr. Atkins' science appears sound and he goes into a lot of detail about what this energetic disruption might do, and also provides some ideas as to what WE might do to protect ourselves.
Naturally, the rest of the world will also be affected to some degree by this wave, and he explains the reasons why some areas are more prone to the insanity than others.
His predictions are fascinating, so it will be interesting to see how close he comes this time. In the past he has been very accurate---even to the point that he predicted a small tsunami in the North Atlantic four months out---off by only 7 days.
"Phoenix", the host, has arranged for Dr. Atkins to be on his show every month now. Whether his theory is correct or not, in a few weeks we may find out, as July rapidly approaches and it is intense out there.
If you're short on time: Atkins comes into the show around 12mins and you can easily skip over all the advertisement breaks. If you still find time short, skip to the second hour for the more interesting minutes of the interview."  ~ BP